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Volume 30 Issue 4

June 2002


The effects of contextual and psychological variables on extreme right-wing sentiments PDF
Daphna Canetti-Nisim (University of Haifa), Ami Pedahzur (University of Haifa) 317-334
Social adaptation difficulties of adolescents with immigrant backgrounds PDF
Felix Neto (Universidade do Porto) 335-346
Personality and self-concept in subgroups of patients with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa PDF
Erica Faldt Ciccolo (Lund University), Per Johnsson (Lund University) 347-358
Personality and social-evaluative anxieties associated with rating discomfort in anticipated positive and negative feedback conditions PDF
Thomas P. Sawyer, Jr. (Elmhurst College), Lisa A. Hollis-Sawyer (Northeastern Illinois University), Amanda Pokryfke (Elmhurst College) 359-372
A comparison of two approaches to understanding consumer opinions of Biotechnology PDF
Gerald D. Titchener (Iowa State University), Stephen G. Sapp (Iowa State University) 373-382
Dating commitment and within-person perceptual congruency PDF
Christy Miller (East Tennessee State University), Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University) 383-390
Paranormal beliefs and personality among Black South African Students PDF
Karl Peltzer (Human Sciences Research Council) 391-398
Gender differences in a content analysis study of 608 dream reports from research participants in the United States PDF
Stanley Krippner (Saybrook Graduate School), Jan Weinhold (Humboldt University of Berlin) 399-410
Self-serving attributions in Teachers' explanations of Students' performance in a National Oral Essay Competition PDF
Yisrael B. Yehudah (Rivers State University of Science and Technology) 411-416
Health-promoting lifestyles and personality among Black South African Students PDF
Karl Peltzer (University of the North) 417-422