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Volume 29 Issue 7

November 2001


Partner preferences among homosexual men and women PDF
Pamela C. Regan (California State University), Roberta Medina (California State University), Anupama Joshi (California State University) 625-634
Agreement in personality trait ratings: At first and over time PDF
Michael P. Sullivan (Wabash College), Andrea Chapdelaine (Wabash College) 635-648
Physique anxiety and self-efficacy influences on perceptions of physical evaluation PDF
David X. Marquez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Edward McAuley (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 649-660
Hesitancy and motivation for self-disclosure about loneliness PDF
Rumi Matsushima (Hyogo University of Teacher Education), Kunio Shiomi (Hyogo University of Teacher Education,) 661-670
Past behavior and its moderating effects on self-identity-intention relationships PDF
Zelalem Fekadu (University of Bergen), Pal Kraft (University of Bergen) 671-686
Self-efficacy and academic performance PDF
John Lane (Middlesex University), Andrew M. Lane (University of Wolverhampton) 687-694
The emergence of consensus in stereotypes of students' and managers' dressing styles PDF
Fabio Sani (University of Dundee), Louise Thompson (University of Dundee) 695-700
Behavioral style of preferences of minority and majority members who anticipate group interaction PDF
Alain Van Hiel (Ghent University), Ivan Mervielde (Ghent University) 701-710
"Ally McBeal vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger": Comparing mass media, interpersonal feedback and gender as predictors of satisfaction with body thinness and muscularity PDF
Lesa Rae Vartanian (Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne), Carrie L. Giant (Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne), Rhonda M. Passino (Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne) 711-724
Developmental changes in the personality of only children in China PDF
Yuching Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Geldolph A. Kohnstamm (Leiden University), Ping Chung Cheung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University) 725-732