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Volume 29 Issue 6

September 2001


Comparison of patterns of substance abuse in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates PDF
Taha Amir (United Arab Emirates University) 519-530
Team identification and willingness to consider illegally assisting teams PDF
Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University), Jamie L. Hunter (Murray State University), Jacob A. Ryan (Murray State University), Leigh Ann Wright (Murray State University) 531-536
The relationship between thinking patterns and physiological symptoms of stress PDF
Cheryl King Duvall (Mercer University) 537-546
Effects of alcohol intake and induced frustration on fire-starting disposition PDF
Renee Perrin-Wallqvist (Karlstad University), Lena Eriksson (Karlstad University), Torsten Norlander (Karlstad University) 547-556
Dream life and intrapsychic boundaries in the elderly PDF
Arthur T. Funkhouser (University Hospital of Clinical Psychiatry, Switzerland), Othmar Wurmle (University Hospital of Clinical Psychiatry, Switzerland), Claude M. Cornu (University Hospital of Clinical Psychiatry, Switzerland), Marcel Bahro (University Hospital of Clinical Psychiatry, Switzerland) 557-568
Predictors of young Australians' attitudes toward Aboriginals, Asians and Arabs PDF
Mir Rabiul Islam (Charles Sturt University), Mirna Jahjah (Charles Sturt University) 569-580
Parents of disabled children: Personality traits PDF
Marika Veisson (Tallinn Pedagogical University) 581-592
The heart has its reason and the reason has its heart: The insight of Kohlberg and Gilligan in moral development and counseling PDF
Ruth Linn (The University of Haifa) 593-600
Patients' perceptions of general dental practitioners: The influence of dentist ethnicity and sex PDF
J. Timothy Newton (Guy's Hospital), Lucy Davenport-Jones (Guy's Hospital), Matthew Idle (Guy's Hospital), Mina Patel (Guy's Hospital), Alex Setchell (Guy's Hospital), Caroline Turpin (Guy's Hospital) 601-606
The influence of feminist self-definition on the democratic attitudes of managers PDF
Ayala Malach Pines (Ben-Gurion University), Henriette Dahan-Kalev (Ben-Gurion University), Sigalit Ronen (Ben-Gurion University) 607-616
Effects of caffeine on vigilance performance in introvert and extraovert noncoffee drinkers PDF
Taha Amir (United Arab Emirates University), Fatma Alshibani (United Arab Emirates University), Thoria Alghara (United Arab Emirates University), Maitha Aldhari (United Arab Emirates University), Asma Alhassani (United Arab Emirates University), Ghanima Bahry (United Arab Emirates University) 617-624