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Volume 3 Issue 2

August 1975


Importance of locus of help initiation and type of outcome as determinants of reactions to another's help attempt PDF
Martin S. Greenberg (University of Pittsburgh), Leonard Saxe (University of Pittsburgh) 101-110
Random responding and the questionnaire measurement of psychoticism PDF
A. H. Thompson (Alberta Health and Social Development) 111-116
Extreme dissent, conformity reduction and the bases of social influence PDF
John M. Levine (University of Pittsburgh), Leonard Saxe (University of Pittsburgh), Candice Ranelli (University of Pittsburgh) 117-126
Attribution of responsibility in a campus stabbing incident PDF
Francis A. Hill (University of Montana) 127-132
Physical attractiveness, attitude similarity, and length of acquaintance as contributors to interpersonal attraction among adolescents PDF
Norman Cavior (West Virginia University), Karen Miller (West Virginia University), Stanley H. Cohen (West Virginia University) 133-142
Eye contact, physical proximity and laughter: A re-examination of the equilibrium model of social intimacy PDF
Anthony J. Chapman (University of Wales) 143-156
Effects of type of information upon interpersonal attraction PDF
Steve Duck (University of Lancaster), Gordon Craig (University of Lancaster) 157-164
Thought and number of cognitions as determinants of attitude change PDF
Abraham Tesser (University of Georgia), Claudia Cowan (University of Georgia) 165-174
Race, socio-economic status, and perceived similarity as determinants of judgments by simulated jurors PDF
James M. Gleason (State University of New York at Buffalo), Victor A. Harris (State University of New York at Buffalo) 175-180
Interdisciplinary creativity over historical time: a correlational analysis of generational fluctuations PDF
Dean Keith Simonton (University of California) 181-188
Convergence toward a single sexual standard? PDF
James P. Curran (Purdue University) 189-196
Nominal and real group performance in relation to manifest anxiety and induced stress PDF
Suresh Kanekar (Alliant International University), Priya Neelakantan (University of Bombay Campus), Pareen Lalkaka (University of Bombay Campus) 197-204
Self-reported fears and electrodermal responsiveness of high and low trait anxious subjects to fear of failure and other stressors PDF
Dean G. Kilpatrick (Medical University of South Carolina), Patricia Sutker (Medical University of South Carolina), John Roitzsh (Medical University of South Carolina), Robert Mason (Medical University of South Carolina) 205-212
Effect of resources similarity on satisfaction with exchange PDF
Meir Teichman (Tel Aviv University), Uriel Foa (Temple University) 213-224
The effects of clothing style upon the reactions of a stranger PDF
N. Judd (North East London Polytechnic), R. H. C. Bull (North East London Polytechnic), D. Gahagan (North East London Polytechnic) 225-228
Parental discipline and delayed gratification PDF
Leonard Weller (Bar-Ilan University), Edith Berkowitz (Tel-Aviv University) 229-232
The effects of thwarting of aggression on subsequent aggression PDF
Paul Spector (University of South Florida), Louis A. Penner (University of South Florida), Harold Hawkins (University of South Florida) 233-242
Performance evaluation as a determinant of willingness to defend a counterattitudinal position PDF
Daniel Druckman (Institute for Juvenile Research, Chicago), Richard M. Rozelle (University of Houston) 243-252