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Volume 29 Issue 2

March 2001


Introspectiveness, psychosocial resources, and depression PDF
Scott Schieman (University of Maryland), Karen Van Gundy (University of Miami) 105-112
Gender issues in achievement in Lebanon PDF
Karma El Hassan (American University of Beirut) 113-124
Cross-cultural racism in South Africa - dead or alive? PDF
Andre Slabbert (Cape Technikon) 125-132
Correlates and predictors of risky sexual practices among a multi-racial/ethnic sample of university students. PDF
Lilly M. Langer (Florida International University), George J. Warheit (University of Miami), Linda Perez McDonald (Florida International University) 133-144
Clothing interest, clothing satisfaction and self perceptions of sociability, emotional stability, and dominance PDF
Sarah Cosbey (Northern Illinois University) 145-152
An exploratory look at Fromm's marketing character and individualism/collectivism PDF
Shaun Saunders (University of Newcastle), Don Munro (University of Newcastle) 153-158
Estimates of impressions based on frequency of blinking PDF
Yasuko Omori (Kwansei Gaukuin University), Yo Miyata (Kwansai University of Social Welfare Sciences) 159-168
Perceived causes of loneliness: A cross-cultural comparison PDF
Ami Rokach (The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Psychosocial Stress), Hasan Bacanli (Gazi University) 169-182
Attitudinal determinants of environmentally responsible behavior PDF
Osamu Iwata (University of Tokushima) 183-190
Fromm's marketing character and Rokeach values PDF
Shaun Saunders (University of Newcastle) 191-196
Gangs and gang activity in a non-metropolitan community: Perceptions of students, teachers and police officers PDF
Josh Swetnam (Western Kentucky University), Jacqueline Pope (Western Kentucky University) 197-208