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Volume 29 Issue 1

February 2001


Associations between self-presentation and competitive A-Trait: A preliminary investigation PDF
Joanne Hudson (University of Teeside), Matthew Williams (University of Teeside) 1-10
Children's perceptions of aggressive and gender-specific content in toy commercials. PDF
Lori J. Klinger (East Tennessee State University), James A. Hamilton (East Tennessee State University), Peggy J. Cantrell (East Tennessee State University) 11-20
The susceptibility of three attachment style measures to socially desirable responding PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University), Chad J. Parsons (Creighton University) 21-30
Testing the groupthink model: Effects of promotional leadership and conformity predisposition PDF
Noni Richardson Ahlfinger (Lamar University), James K. Esser (Lamar University) 31-42
Gender, gender roles and attitudes towards violence: Are viewpoints changing? PDF
Stephen C. Smith (East Tennessee State University), Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University), Trisha A. Benson (East Tennessee State University) 43-48
Culture moderates the self-serving bias: Etic and emic features of causal attributions in India and in Canada PDF
Nancy C. Higgins (St. Thomas University), Gira Bhatt (Camosun College) 49-62
Effects of assertive communication between doctors and patients in public health outpatient surgeries in the city of Seville (Spain) PDF
Manuel Marõn Sánchez (University of Seville) 63-70
Missing values in peer assessment of social behavior using the RCP PDF
Paul Vedder (Leiden University), Mina O'Dowd (Stockholm University) 71-80
The self-protective properties of ingroup comparisons for low socioeconomic status students: A pilot study PDF
Isabelle Regner (Université Blaise Pascal), Jean-Marc Monteil (Université Blaise Pascal), Pascal Huguet (Université Blaise Pascal) 81-86
Actors and observers: Divergent attributions of constrained unfriendly behavior PDF
Eric M. Hansen (Mälardalen University), Charles E. Kimble (University of Dayton), David W. Biers (University of Dayton) 87-104