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Volume 28 Issue 6

December 2000


The interaction process between teacher and students: The labeling of students on the basis of relative characteristics PDF
Cora J. M. Maas (University of Utrecht) 515-528
Identity characteristics of groups with high and low spiritual self-identity PDF
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 529-538
Making decisions about condoms: Whose attitude is it anyway? PDF
Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida), Michael T. Brannick (University of South Florida) 539-554
Hebrew Revised Eysenck Personality Questionnaire: Short Form (EPQR-S) and Abbreviated Form (EPQR-A) PDF
Yaacov J. Katz (Bar-Ilan University), Leslie J. Francis (University of Wales) 555-560
To help or not to help: Capturing individuals' decision policies PDF
Barbara A. Fritzsche (University of Central Florida), Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida), Louis A. Penner (University of South Florida) 561-578
Convergent validity of the Depression-Happiness Scale with the Bradburn Affect Balance Scale PDF
Christopher Alan Lewis (University of Ulster at Magee College), Paddy McCollam (University of Ulster at Coleraine), Stephen Joseph (University of Warwick) 579-584
Women's personality traits, interpersonal competence and affection for dating partners: A test of the contextual model PDF
Shauna H. Frisbie (Texas Tech University), Jacki Fitzpatrick (Texas Tech University), Du Feng (Texas Tech University), Duane Crawford (Texas Tech University) 585-594
The effect of same-age and mixed-age grouping in day care on parent-child attachment security PDF
Marina M. Pool (Leiden University), Catrien C. J. H. Bijleveld (Ministry of Justice, The Hague), Louis W. C. Tavecchio (Leiden University) 595-602
Order of elicited responses on a questionnaire as a measure of topic salience PDF
Wayne E. Hensley (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) 603-612
Heterosexual adjustment among women and men with non-traditional gender identities: Testing predictions from self-verification theory PDF
Jennifer Katz (Washington State University), Sherry Farrow (Washington State University) 613-620