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Volume 28 Issue 3

June 2000


What is beautiful is loved: Physical attractiveness in loving relationships PDF
Jose Luis Sangrador (Complutense University), Carlos Yela (Complutense University) 207-218
The construction and validation of a consumer orientation questionnaire (SCOI) designed to measure Fromm's (1955) 'Marketing Character' in Australia PDF
Shaun Saunders (University of Newcastle), Don Munro (University of Newcastle) 219-240
Development of a Chinese version of the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire: Reliabilities and gender/age effects PDF
Yi-Xiao Wu (Anhui Provincial Hospital), Wei Wang (Anhui Provincial Hospital), Wu-Ying Du (Southern Anhui Medical College), Jing Li (Military Region Hospital of Anhui Province), Xiao-Feng Jiang (Anhui Provincial Hospital), Ye-Han Wang (Anhui Provincial Hospital) 241-250
Contributions of the social milieu to changing individual political orientations PDF
Matthew Valle (Wichita State University), Larry Carlton (Troy State University) 251-260
Predictors of adolescent running away behavior PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 261-268
The effect of presentation modality on judgments of honesty and attractiveness PDF
Adnan Omar Atoum (Yarmouk University), Fayez Smadi (Jordan University of Science and Technology) 269-278
Dissociation, comorbidity of dissociative disorders, and childhood abuse in a community sample of women with current and past bulimia PDF
Gary Groth-Marnat (Curtin University of Technology), Naomi Michel (Curtin University of Technology) 279-292
Learning to work safely with reference to a social-cognitive model PDF
Chau-Kiu Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), Cheung-Ming Chan (City University of Hong Kong) 293-308