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Volume 28 Issue 1

February 2000


Personality and emotional correlates of right-wing authoritarianism PDF
J. Corey Butler (Southwest State University) 1-14
The effects of alcohol intake and induced frustration upon art vandalism PDF
Anki Nordmarker (Karlstad University), Torsten Norlander (Karlstad University) 15-28
Peer-perceived social competence and academic achievement of low-level educated young adolescents PDF
Gerard H. Maassen (Utrecht University), Johannes A. Landsheer (Utrecht University) 29-40
Relationship of family environment to adolescents' depression and self-concept PDF
Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University), Lai-Kuen Kwok (Hong Kong Baptist University) 41-50
The role of sexual desire and sexual activity in dating relationships PDF
Pamela C. Regan (California State University, Los Angeles) 51-60
An exploratory study of violence, substance abuse, disability, and gender PDF
Li Li (Wright State University), Jo Ann Ford (Wright State University), Dennis Moore (Wright State University) 61-72
Chinese and American adolescents' perceptions of the purposes of education and beliefs about the world of work PDF
Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University), John G. Nicholls (University of Illinois at Chicago), Theresa A. Thorkildsen (University of Illinois at Chicago), Michael Patashnick (Purdue University) 73-90
The contribution of bodily posture to gender stereotypical impressions PDF
Anneke Vrugt (University of Amsterdam), Mara Luyerink (University of Amsterdam) 91-104