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Volume 27 Issue 6

December 1999


A facet and factor analysis of typical intellectual engagement (TIE): Associations with locus of control and the five factor model of personality PDF
Eamonn Ferguson (University of Nottingham) 545-562
An attributional analysis of jurors' judgments in a criminal case: A preliminary investigation PDF
Jacqueline Pope (Western Kentucky University), Robert Meyer (University of Louisville) 563-574
Personality of university teachers according to the Defense Mechanism Technique odified (DMTm) as related to their assessment of their university as an organizational setting PDF
Alf L. Andersson (Lund University), Lars Ryhammar (Örebro University) 575-586
A fresh and calculated look at U.S. teenagers: Examining the present to predict the future PDF
Chris Manolis (Quinnipiac University) 587-596
Sport fan aggression and anonymity: The importance of team identification PDF
Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University), Robin R. Peterson (Murray State University), Cindy Cothran (Murray State University), Michael Dykes (Murray State University) 597-602
Models of concentration in natural environments: A comparative approach based on streams of experiential data PDF
Giovanni B. Moneta (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (The University of Chicago) 603-638
Parental evaluations and their agreement: Relationship with children's self-concepts PDF
Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University), Kit-Ling Pun (Hong Kong Baptist University) 639-650