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Volume 27 Issue 3

June 1999


Attributional style moderates the impact of causal controllability information on helping behavior PDF
Nancy C. Higgins (University of North British Columbia), Joanne K. Shaw (University of North British Columbia) 221-236
A psychometric and construct validity assessment of the Flynn-Elloy Conflict Management Styles Inventory PDF
Robert Loo (University of Calgary) 237-246
Attachment, social network and homelessness in young people PDF
Louis Travecchio (Leiden University), M. A. E. Thomeer (Leiden University), Wim Meeus (Utrecht University) 247-262
Individual and family factors and adolescent well-being: A multi-level analysis PDF
Martijn DeGoede (Utrecht University), Ed Spruijt (Utrecht University), Cora J. M. Maas (Utrecht University) 263-280
A comparison of adolescent and adult mothers' maternal separation anxiety PDF
Elizabeth M. Blunk (Southwest Texas State University), Sue W. Williams (Southwest Texas State University) 281-288
Effect of polydrug abuse on sustained attention, visuographic function, and reaction time PDF
Taha Amir (United Emirates University), Toufik Bahri (United Emirates University) 289-296
Pupil dilation when viewing strangers: Can testosterone moderate prejudice? PDF
James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University), Rhonda Milun (Georgia State University) 297-302
Feelings about Christmas, as reported by psychiatric emergency patients PDF
Varadaraj Velamoor (London Health Sciences Centre), Lakshmi Voruganti (London Health Sciences Centre), Neelesh Nadkarni (University of Western Ontario) 303-308
Five-factor personality similarity and marital adjustment PDF
Stephanie Nemechek (High Plains Mental Health Center), Kenneth R. Olson (Fort Hays State University) 309-318
Anxiety and coping in the context of a school examination PDF
Izabela Soric (University of Split) 319-330