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Volume 27 Issue 2

April 1999


Students' self-reports of help-seeking: The impact of psychological problems, stress, and demographic variables on utilization of formal and informal support PDF
J. M. Oliver (St. Louis University), Cynthia K. S. Reed (St. Louis University), Barry M. Katz (St. Louis University), James A. Haugh (St. Louis University) 109-128
Racism and the social judgment process: Individual differences in the use of stereotypes PDF
Neil D. Christiansen (Central Michigan University), Martin F. Kaplan (Northern Illinois University), Christopher S. Jones (Robert Morris College) 129-144
The angry male and the passive female: The role of gender and self-esteem in anger expression PDF
Jana S. Nunn (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville), Susan L. Thomas (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville) 145-154
Beliefs in symbolic catharsis: The importance of involvement with aggressive sports PDF
Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University), Jeffrey D. Carlson (Murray State University), Lisa C. Holland (Murray State University), Bryan E. Jacob (Murray State University), Dale A. Owens (Murray State University), D. Dayne Wells (Murray State University) 155-164
Interpersonal constructs of pregnant women during the perinatal period: Their perceptions of medical staff PDF
Takesh Hatta (Nagoya University), Ayako Kawakami (Naruto University of Education), Yaeko Goto (Bell Land College of Midwifery), Seika Kadobayashi (Bell Land College of Midwifery), Tadako Iwamoto (Bell Land College of Midwifery) 165-176
Just like normal: A social network study of the relation between crime and the intimacy of adolescent friendships PDF
Bregje Houtzager (Academic Medical Centre), Chris Baerveldt (Universiteit Utrecht) 177-192
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 193-193
Wendy Heberlein (Florida State University), Mark H. Licht (Florida State University), Barbara G. Licht (Florida State University) 194-194
Redefining the value structure of college students in Hong Kong and the mainland of China PDF
Chau-Kiu Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), Siu-tong Kwok (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 195-204
Revisiting the stability of variability: Traitedness and supertraitedness on the ACL and Neo-FFI PDF
Robert C. Satterwhite (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ellen Fogle (University of Maryland), John Williams (Georgia State University) 205-220