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Cover Page

Volume 27 Issue 1

February 1999


Personality not intelligence or educational achievement differentiate university students who access special needs for learning disabilities PDF
Michael A. Persinger (Laurentian University), S. G. Tiller (Laurentian University) 1-10
Are procrastinators prone to boredom? PDF
Stephen J. Vodanovich (University of West Florida), Deborah E. Rupp (University of West Florida) 11-16
Low self-esteem and ingroup bias PDF
Christopher L. Aberson (Claremont Graduate University) 17-28
Older adults' perceptions of control in social situations PDF
Wendy Heberlein (Florida State University), Mark H. Licht (Florida State University), Barbara G. Licht (Florida State University) 29-38
Toward successful personal work and relations - applying a Yin/Yang Model for classification and synthesis PDF
Angela C. Sodan (GMD FIRST) 39-72
Validating a centrality model of self-identity PDF
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 73-86
Depression symptoms and emotional states in parents of disabled and non-disabled children PDF
Marika Veisson (Tallinn Pedagogical University) 87-98
Discrimination validity of the 'Big Five' personality traits in employment settings PDF
John Rust (University of London) 99-108