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Volume 26 Issue 3

August 1998


Patterns of psychological problems in university undergraduates: Factor structure of symptoms of anxiety and depression, physical symptoms, alcohol use, and eating problems PDF
J. M. Oliver (St. Louis University), Cynthia K. S. Reed (St. Louis University), Bruce W. Smith (St. Louis University) 211-232
Color and racial attitudes in white, black and biracial children PDF
Felix Neto (Universidade do Porto), Lizalia Paiva (Open University) 233-244
The stability of symptom measures: Implications for stress research PDF
P. Nicholas Hamid (City University of Hong Kong), Sheung-Tak Cheng (City University of Hong Kong) 245-258
Ratings as validation of sociometric status determined by nominations in longitudinal research PDF
Gerard H. Maassen (Utrecht University) 259-274
The self-perception of ability by Chinese children in China and Hong Kong: Gender and grade differences PDF
Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong), Wing Ling Li (Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong), Xianmei Chen (Taizhou Teacher’s College, China), Gong Cheng (Zhejiang Normal University), Carol Siu (Hong Kong Baptist University) 275-286
A preliminary investigation of the relationship between alcohol use and sport fandom PDF
Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University) 287-290
Personality correlates of paranormal belief: Locus of control and sensation seeking PDF
Gary Groth-Marnat (Curtin University of Technology), Julie-Ann Pegden (Curtin University of Technology) 291-296
Money: What it means to children and adults PDF
Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University) 297-306
The relationship between anxiety disorder symptoms and negative self-statements in normal children PDF
Peter Muris (Maastricht University), Harald Merckelbach (Maastricht University), Birgit Mayer (Maastricht University), Neinke Snieder (Maastricht University) 307-316