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Volume 25 Issue 2

May 1997


Political change and social attitudes in South Africa PDF
Christopher R. Stones (Rhodes University), Patrick C. L. Heaven (University of Wollongong), C. Bester (University of Free State) 105-114
Color bias in children revisited: Findings from Portugal PDF
Felix Neto (Universidade do Porto), John E. Williams (Universidade do Porto) 115-122
The role of dysfunctional attitudes, negative life events, and social support in the prediction of depressive dysphoria: A prospective longitudinal study PDF
John W. Klocek (University of Virginia Health Sciences Center), J. M. Oliver (Saint Louis University), Michael J. Ross (Saint Louis University) 123-136
Identity overlap and situational differential among Nigerian students PDF
Moses E. Olobatuyi (Saint Augustine College) 137-148
Predictors of shyness: A test of variables associated with self-presentational models PDF
Todd Jackson (University of Windsor), Shelagh Towson (University of Windsor), Karen Narduzzi (University of Windsor) 149-154
Influence of jealousy on male and female college daters PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Wilbur Wright College), Bernard Pudowski (Wilbur Wright College) 155-160
Attitudes toward capital punishment: A function of leadership style, gender and personality PDF
Paul M. Valliant (Laurentian University), Carrie Oliver (Laurentian University) 161-168
Children's influence on household economic activity in Nigeria PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (University of Texas, Arlington) 169-176
Self-evaluations involved in goal setting and task performance PDF
Verlin B. Hinsz (North Dakota State University), David Matz (North Dakota State University) 177-182
Judgment of contingency: Contrast and assimilation, displacement of judgments, and self-efficacy PDF
Steven Clark (University of New Hampshire), Victor A. Benassi (University of New Hampshire) 183-200