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Volume 24 Issue 3

August 1996


The effect of a ludus love style on sexual experience PDF
Wayne E. Hensley (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) 205-212
The effects of ingratiation and self-promotion tactics on employee career success PDF
Christopher Orpen (Dorset Business School, England) 213-214
A religious female who engages in casual sex: Evidence of a boomerang effect PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Nathaniel A. Vietor (East Tennessee State University) 215-220
A cross-cultural investigation of personality traits among Arab and American business students PDF
Jennifer Hozik (Washington College), J. W. Wright, Jr. (American University Law Centre) 221-230
Behavioral implications of adaption-innovation: II. Adaption-innovation and motivation for uniqueness PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College, Ontario) 231-234
U.S. older workers: Their employment and occupational problems in the labor market PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (University of Texas at Arlington) 235-238
An examination of locus of control/fatalism for Blacks, Whites, boys, and girls over a two year period of adolescence PDF
Joel T. Wade (Bucknell University) 239-248
A factorial comparison of privacy questionnaires PDF
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 249-262
The destructive narcissistic pattern PDF
Nina W. Brown (Old Dominion University) 263-272
Selected personality characteristics and attitudes toward feminism PDF
Steven M. Smith (Bishop's University), Anton F. De Man (Queen's University) 273-278
Context effects in ethical evaluations: An experimental study PDF
Paul R. Hagner (The University of Memphis), Donna M. Randall (The University of Memphis), Ceara Geoghegan (University College, Dublin) 279-292
A theory of the valenced other: The intersection of the looking-glass-self and social penetration PDF
Wayne E. Hensley (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) 293-308