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Volume 24 Issue 2

May 1996


Subjective pseudocyesis in normal women who exhibit enhanced imaginings and elevated indicators of electrical lability within the temporal lobes: Implications for the "Missing Embryo Syndrome" PDF
Michael A. Persinger (Laurentian University) 101-112
Self-consciousness and the complexity of private and public aspects of identity PDF
Martin F. Davies (University of London) 113-118
To trust or not to trust: Situational and dispositional determinants PDF
Sharon G. Goto (Pomona College) 119-132
The emergence of Holocaust memories in the moral silemmas of objecting Israeli soldiers during the Intifada PDF
Ruth Linn (The University of Haifa) 133-142
Body height and romantic attraction: A meta-analytic test of the male-taller norm PDF
Charles A. Pierce (Montana State University) 143-150
Personality, living arrangements, and alcohol use by first year university students PDF
Paul M. Valliant (Laurentian University), Patricia Scanlan (Laurentian University) 151-156
The validity of an unobtrusive measure of social identity PDF
P. Nicholas Hamid (City University of Hong Kong) 157-168
The effects of interpersonal trust and group status on prosocial and aggressive behaviors PDF
Alton Christian Cadenhead (Wake Forest University), Charles L. Richman (Wake Forest University) 169-184
Sex roles and sexual attitudes of young Iranian women: Implications for cross-cultural counseling PDF
Shideh Hanassab (University of California), Romeria Tidwell (University of California) 185-194
Personality and self esteem in parents of disabled children: A comparison between Estonia and Sweden PDF
Maria Lawenius (Göteborg University), Marika Veisson (Göteborg University) 195-204