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Volume 24 Issue 1

February 1996


Reconceptualizing the private self-consciousness subscale PDF
J. B. Kingree (Comprehensive Addiction Rehabilitation Programs of Georgia), R. Barry Ruback (Georgia State University) 1-8
Optimism and socioeconomic status: A cross-cultural study PDF
James W. Schutte (The University of Texas at El Paso), John K. Valerio (The University of Texas at El Paso), Victor Carrillo (The University of Texas at El Paso) 9-18
Gender and the pathways to subjective well-being PDF
Kay B. Forest (Northern Illinois University) 19-34
The contributions of self-monitoring and gender to preadolescents' friendship expectations PDF
Patricia C. Broderick (West Chester University), Catherine M. Beltz (Gwynedd Mercy College) 35-46
Future situation and personality PDF
J. W. Mann (University of the Witwatersrand) 47-52
Gender as schematic category: A role construct approach PDF
Linda J. Skitka (University of Illinois at Chicago), Christina Maslach (University of California Berkeley) 53-74
The influences of knowledge of HIV/AIDS and self-esteem on the sexual practices of college students PDF
Danielle S. Hollar (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), William E. Snizek (Medical University of South Carolina) 75-86
Personality profiles of women who report and who do not report physical assault or sexual harassment: Comparisons with traumatic brain injury PDF
Stephanie L. Dubois (Laurentian University), Michael A. Persinger (Laurentian University) 87-94
Residual psychological effects of Iraqi aggression on Kuwaiti children PDF
Adnan Al-Shatti (Kuwait University) 95-100