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Volume 23 Issue 3

August 1995


Conformity and independence revisited PDF
Felix Neto (Universidade do Porto) 217-222
Canadians' belief in catharsis PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Robert L. Arms (University of Lethbridge), Reginald W. Bibby (University of Lethbridge) 223-228
Perceptions of religious and non-religious targets who participate in premarital sex PDF
Susan V. Isaac (East Tennessee State University), Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Walter L. Isaac (East Tennessee State University) 229-234
Acculturation and socioeconomic factors as determinants of depression among Puerto Ricans in the United States PDF
Maria E. Canabal (Illinois State University), Jose Quiles (Kean College of New Jersey) 235-246
Cross-cultural perspectives on elder abuse as a family dilemma PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (Dallas) 247-252
Basic temperament components of loneliness, shyness, and conformity PDF
Albert Mehrabian (Monterey), Catherine A. Stefl (Monterey) 253-264
Premenstrual symptoms and the female employee PDF
Robert V. High (Adelphi University), Patricia A. Marcellino (Adelphi University) 265-272
Self-esteem, and self-concept clarity in Chinese students PDF
P. Nicholas Hamid (City University of Hong Kong), Christopher Cheng (City University of Hong Kong) 273-284
Vulnerability to stress as a function of age, sex, locus of control, hardiness and Type A personality PDF
Dave Clarke (Massey University Albany) 285-286
"Thus we live, forever taking leave": The launching stage in the Israeli family PDF
Jacob Lomranz (Tel Aviv University) 287-302
Individual differences in overt and covert measures of sexism PDF
Deanne L. Weber (Bucknell University), Joel T. Wade (Bucknell University) 303-312