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Volume 23 Issue 2

May 1995


Issues regarding the social psychology and structural consequence of sexual harassment PDF
Roy W. Ralston (University of North Texas) 105-110
Wives' relationships with food and patterns of family distress PDF
Pat M. Keith (Iowa State University), Robert B. Schafer (Iowa State University), Elisabeth Schafer (Iowa State University) 111-122
Developmental teasing about physical appearance: Retrospective descriptions and relationships with body image PDF
Thomas F. Cash (Old Dominion University) 123-130
Validation of the EPQ neuroticism subscales using a Japanese sample PDF
Robert Loo (University of Lethbridge) 131-136
'New racism', self-esteem, and ethnic relations among minority and majority youth in the Netherlands PDF
Maykel Verkuyten (Utrecht University), K. Masson (The Netherlands and Erasmus University) 137-154
Status integration and suicide among Native American women PDF
Thomas J. Young (Beatrice), Laurence French (Western New Mexico University) 155-158
The Multifactorial Achievement Scale as a predictor of salary growth and motivation among middle-managers PDF
Christopher Orpen (Bournemouth University) 159-162
Cross-cultural quality of life: Japanese and American college students PDF
Kenneth D. Keith (Nebraska Wesley University), Makoto Yamamoto (Seirei Gakuen Junior College), Noriko Okita (Seinan Jyogakuin), Robert L. Schalock (Hastings College) 163-170
Unfavorable outcomes of the identity crisis among African-American adolescents influenced by enforced acculturation PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Richard L. Daley College), Tweetie T. Wilson (Richard L. Daley College) 171-176
The effects of mortality salience on personally-relevant persuasive appeals PDF
Sheldon Soloman (Skidmore College), Jeff Greenberg (University of Arizona), Tom Pyszczynski (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs), Janine Pryzbylinski (Skidmore College) 177-190
Spontaneous responses to thinking about disease detection and health promotion behaviors PDF
Murray G. Millar (University of Nevada), Karen U. Millar (University of Nevada) 191-198
Personality differences between Dutch football fans and nonfans PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Jeffrey H. Goldstein (University of Utrecht) 199-204
Attitudes and personality traits of female adult victims of childhood abuse: A comparison of university students and incarcerated women PDF
Paul M. Valliant (Laurentain University), Lesa L. Maksymchuk (St. Thomas Regional Police), Daniel Antonowicz (Carleton University) 205-216