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Volume 22 Issue 4

November 1994


Attachment and assessment of blame in date rape scenarios PDF
Adrienne Sheldon-Keller (University of Virginia), Elizabeth Lloyd-McGarvey (University of Virginia), Malcolm West (University of Calgary), R. J. Canterbury (University of Virginia) 313-318
Cultural and structural determinants of justice reactions in the economic domain PDF
Jason Lee (US General Accounting), John F. Stolte (Northern Illinois University) 319-328
Terminology and social relevance in psychological research on gender PDF
J. B. Beckwith (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) 329-336
Parental considerations when choosing high schools for their children PDF
Mirjam Schmida (Bar-Ilan University), Yaacov J. Katz (Bar-Ilan University) 337-342
Aging and administration in academic psychologists PDF
Karen L. Horner (University of Western Ontario), Harry G. Murray (University of Western Ontario), J. Philippe Rushton (University of Western Ontario) 343-346
Menopausal women and the work environment PDF
Robert V. High (Adelphi University), Patricia A. Marcellino (Adelphi University) 347-354
Effects of confederate and subject gender on conformity in a color classification task PDF
Charles A. Collin (Concordia University), Fred Di Sano (Concordia University), Rajesh Malik (Concordia University) 355-364
Effects of entertainment and enjoyment of television programs on perception and memory of advertisements PDF
Claire E. Norris (De Montfort University), Andrew M. Colman (Leicester University) 365-376
Perceptions of power: A cognitive perspective PDF
Herman Aguinis (University of Colorado at Denver), Mitchell S. Nesler (State University of New York Albany), Brian M. Quigley (State University of New York Albany), James T. Tedeschi (State University of New York Albany) 377-384
Dissociation in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa PDF
John F. Schumaker (University of Newcastle), William G. Warren (University of Newcastle), Gwenda S. Schreiber (University of Newcastle), Craig C. Jackson (Special Education Service, Wellington) 385-392
Privacy preferences and classroom seat selection PDF
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 393-398
Projected family structure by modern Japanese adolescents PDF
Takesh Hatta (Nagoya University) 399-408