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Volume 22 Issue 3

August 1994


The social construction of autonomy: A motivational model PDF
Niza Yanay (Ben Gurion University) 209-226
Concern for appropriateness, religiosity, and gender as predictors of alcohol and marijuana use PDF
Stephen K. Bliss (Xavier University), Cynthia L. Crown (Xavier University) 227-238
Sex differences in stress, illness and coping resources among the Nigerian elderly PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (Dallas) 239-260
Validity and reliability of a self report Suicide Ideation Scale for use with adolescents PDF
Anton F. De Man (Bishop's University), C. P. Leduc (University of Sherbrooke) 261-266
Gender differences in reactions to female victims PDF
Cheryl E. Drout (State University of New York), Samuel L. Gaertner (University of Delaware) 267-278
Self-esteem and perceptions of the elderly PDF
Chau-Kiu Cheung (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong), Jik-Joen Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Cheung-Ming Chan (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong) 279-290
Birth order, family size, and schizophrenic symptoms PDF
Zack Z. Cernovsky (University of Western Ontario), Richard L. O'Reilly (University of Western Ontario), Johan Landmark (Norwegian psychiatrist) 291-296
Social distance among Caucasian Canadians and Asian, Latin-American and Eastern European immigrants in Quebec: A two-part study PDF
I. Jerabek (Bishop's University), Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 297-303
Concern for self-presentation and self-congruence: Self-monitoring, Machiavellianism, and social conflicts PDF
Christopher Leone (University of North Florida), Victoria Corte (University of North Florida) 305-312