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Volume 22 Issue 1

February 1994


The effects of information-giving behavior and gender on the perceptions of physicians: An experimental analysis PDF
Marilyn L. Rall (Brooklyn College of the City University of New York), Fred S. Peskoff (Brooklyn College of the City University of New York), James J. Byrne (Brooklyn College of the City University of New York) 1-16
Self-peer agreement as a function of two kinds of trait relevance: Personal and social PDF
Richard Koestner (McGill University), Frank Bernieri (Oregon State University), Miron Zuckerman (University of Rochester) 17-30
Socially constructed subjective norms and subjective norm-behavior consistency PDF
Stephen G. Sapp (Iowa State University), Wendy J. Harrod (Iowa State University), Lijun Zhao (Iowa State University) 31-40
Parents of mentally retarded children: Personality characteristics and psychological problems PDF
M. R. Ali (Kuwait University), Adnan Al-Shatti (Kuwait University), A. Khaleque (Dhaka University), A. Rahman (Dhaka University), S. M. Ali (Bangladesh Institution for the Mentally Retarded), R. U. Ahmed (Bangladesh Institution for the Mentally Retarded) 41-52
The effects of self-esteem and personal control on the relationship between job insecurity and psychological well-being PDF
Christopher Orpen (Bournemouth University) 53-56
A framework for the analysis of theories of sport and leisure management PDF
Beverly R. K. Zanger (Bowling Green State University), David L. Groves (Bowling Green State University) 57-68
Chronic identity diffusion in traumatized combat veterans PDF
Rebecca Silverstein (Herzliya) 69-80
Is Chinese conflict-handling behavior influenced by Chinese values? PDF
Randy K. Chiu (Hong Kong Baptist University), Frederick A. Kosinski, Jr. (Andrews University) 81-90
Comparing outcomes from differential cooperative and individualistic learning methods PDF
Constance M. Ellison (Howard University), A. Wade Boykin (Howard University) 91-104