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Volume 1 Issue 2

August 1973


The affective eliciting and reducing properties of attraction stimuli PDF
John Lamberth (University of Oklahoma), Charles Gouaux (University of Missouri, St. Louis), Wayne Padd (University of Oklahoma) 93-107
Do conservative parents nurture conservative children? PDF
Roger Boshier (University of Auckland), Elizabeth Thom (University of Auckland) 108-110
The effects of maternal employment and educational attainment on the sex-typed attributes of college females PDF
Aletha Stein (Pennsylvania State University) 111-114
Social attitude correlates of Eysenck's Personality Dimensions PDF
Glenn D. Wilson (Institute of Psychiatry, University of London), Anthony Brazendale (Berkshire College of Education) 115-118
Trait anxiety and fearfulness PDF
Dean G. Kilpatrick (V. A. Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina), Philip G. Mcleod (V. A. Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina) 119-122
Risk-taking as a personality trait PDF
Eric S. Knowles (Veterans Administration Hospital), Henry Cutter (Veterans Administration Hospital), David Walsh (Veterans Administration Hospital), Nancy Casey (Veterans Administration Hospital) 123-136
Studies of family relations test patterns. PDF
Barbara L. Lockwood (Calgary Public School Board), Barry Frost (University of Calgary) 137-143
Individual differences among repressors and sensitizers in conceptual skills PDF
William H. Bergquist (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education), John Lloyd (University of Idaho), Sandra Johansson (University of Colorado Medical School) 144-152
Correlates of physical attractiveness and interpersonal attraction in the dating situation PDF
James P. Curran (Purdue University) 153-157
Power and the perception of the future PDF
Knud S. Larsen (Oregon State University) 158-160
The price of privilege: The effects of the American caste system on the deep south white PDF
Bertram P. Karon (Michigan State University) 161-168
Creative ability and the handling of personal and social conflict among bright sixth graders PDF
Robert S. Albert (Pitzer College), Rosalie Elliott (San Diego State College) 169-181
Cross cultural comparison (USA, Japan, Austria) of the personality factor structures of 10 to 14 year olds in objective tests PDF
Raymond B. Cattell (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Lothar Schmidt (Universitaets-Nerveflklinik Saarland), Kurt Pawlik (Hamburg University) 182-211