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Volume 20 Issue 4

November 1992


Locus of control and self-reported psychopathology among Native Americans PDF
Thomas J. Young (Washburn University) 235-236
The decision to abort: No sex-role bias, and little enthusiasm PDF
Melanie Curtis (Bishop's University), Lionel Standing (Bishop's University) 237-242
Self concept: A study of Marsh's Self Description Questionnaire (SDQ-2) PDF
C. J. Lennings (Queensland University of Technology), John R. Lawler (University of Tasmania) 243-246
Color preference of DSM-III-R bipolars and normal controls PDF
M. L. D. Fernando (University of Western Ontario), Zack Z. Cernovsky (University of Western Ontario), R. Harricharan (University of Western Ontario) 247-250
The myth of normality: Consequences for the diagnosis of abnormality and health PDF
Lucien A. Buck (Dowling College) 251-262
Repressors, sensitizers, source expertise, and persuasion PDF
Kenneth G. DeBono (Union College), Alison Snyder (Union College) 263-272
The effects of self-esteem and expectancies for success on affective reactions to achievement PDF
Robert M. Midkiff, Jr. (Bucknell University), Felicia A. Griffin (Bucknell University) 273-282
Stereotypes and reality in the division of household labor PDF
J. B. Beckwith (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) 283-288
Attitudes of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and oncologists toward suicide PDF
Linda K. Hammond (Montebello Rehabilitation Hospital), Robert H. Deluty (University of Maryland Baltimore County) 289-294
Body consciousness, self consciousness, and women's attitudes toward clothing practices PDF
Yoon-Hee Kwon (Northern Illinois University) 295-308