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Volume 20 Issue 3

August 1992


The effects of ingroup-outgroup membership on minority influence when group membership is determined by a trivial categorization PDF
Robin Martin (University College of Swansea) 131-142
The understanding of environmental concern PDF
Paul M. W. Hackett (University of Birmingham) 143-148
Effect of composition of olfactory cues on impressions of personality PDF
Ann Marie Fiore (Iowa State University) 149-162
A five-factor nuclear model of socially desirable responding PDF
Gilbert Becker (University of Winnipeg), Stacey S. Cherny (University of Winnipeg) 163-192
Suicide with the motive "to die" or "not to die" and its socioanamnestic correlates PDF
V. R. Velamoor (University of Western Ontario), Zack Z. Cernovsky (University of Western Ontario) 193-198
The pattern of irrational beliefs associated with major depressive disorder PDF
Lyne Prud'Homme (Public Service Commission, Ottawa), Pierre Baron (University of Ottawa) 199-212
IQ discrepancies among impulsive and non-impulsive inmates PDF
Shirley Myers (East Tennessee State University), Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University) 213-218
On penalties in sport as measures of aggression PDF
John R. Vokey (University of Lethbridge), Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge) 219-226
Facilitators of romantic attraction and their relation to lovestyle PDF
John R. Jacobs (Connecticut College) 227-234