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Volume 19 Issue 4

November 1991


The dual nature of the EPQ Lie Scale? A study among university students in Israel PDF
Yaacov J. Katz (Bar-Ilan University), Leslie J. Francis (Trinity College) 217-222
Inglehart's silent revolution thesis: An examination of life-cycle effects in the acquisition of postmaterialist values PDF
Martin Pfeiffer (York University), James Cote (University of Western Ontario) 223-236
Gender differences in consumption aspirations: A cross-cultural appraisal PDF
Wendy Bryce (University of Otago), T. T. Olney (Western Washington University) 237-254
Emotional abuse among the elderly: Affecting behavior variables PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Richard J. Daley College), Kris G. Majecen (Illinois Benedictine College) 255-262
The relation of acceptance-rejection to social schemata and kinetic family drawings PDF
Aaron Rabinowitz (Bar-Ilan University) 263-272
Measuring attitudes towards local ecumenism in England PDF
Leslie J. Francis (Trinity College, Carmarthen) 273-276
Dimensions of psychological time and favorite TV personalities PDF
Diane Furno-Lamude (The University of New Mexico) 277-288
Sex differences in perception of aging among the Nigerian elderly PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (University of North Texas) 289-296
Maternal attitudes of Indian women: A study of gender differences PDF
Satvir Singh (Guru Nanak Dev University), Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 297-304
An examination of the relative effects of source expertise, trustworthiness, and likability PDF
Bradley S. O'Hara (Southeastern Louisiana University), Richard G. Netemeyer (Southeastern Louisiana University), Scot Burton (Louisiana State University) 305-314