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Cover Page

Volume 19 Issue 1

February 1991


Intelligence in China PDF
Richard Lynn (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) 1-4
Sex-role development in single parent households PDF
C. Denise Russell (East Tennessee State University), Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University) 5-10
Clipping the wings off the enneagram: A study in people's perceptions of a ninefold personality typology PDF
Anthony C. Edwards (University of Lancaster) 11-20
Attentional performance, gender and an index of excitability PDF
L. W. Buckalew (University of Central Texas), N. M. Buckalew (University of Central Texas), Weldon J. Bowling (University of Central Texas) 21-26
Perceptions of justice and attitudes towards people with AIDS: German - U.S. comparisons PDF
Virginia A. Murphy-Berman (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), John J. Berman (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 29-38
Dr Rogers, meet Mr Rogers: The theoretical and clinical similarities between Carl and Fred Rogers PDF
Edward L. Palmer (Davidson College), Kendra Carr (Vanderbilt University) 39-44
Clergy response rates to work-related questionnaires: A relationship between age, work load and burnout? PDF
Robin L. D. Rees (University of Sheffield), Leslie J. Francis (Trinity College) 45-50
Depression and causal attributions for unexpected stressful events PDF
Gordon L. Flett (York University), Kirk R. Blankstein (University of Toronto), Sandi Kleinfeldt (University of Toronto) 53-64
Educating the black male: Renewed imperatives for teacher education PDF
Narviar Cathcart Barker (Georgia State University) 65-80
Personality characteristics of mid-career male Anglican clergy PDF
Leslie J. Francis (Trinity College), Paul R. Pearson (West Suffolk Hospital) 81-84