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Volume 18 Issue 2

August 1990


Changing attitudes regarding the effectiveness of cognitive restructuring for treating depression PDF
Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Florida), April E. Metzler (University of Florida), Tracy Dongarra (University of Florida) 181-188
Self-esteem in early adolescence as a function of position within Olson's circumplex model of marital and family systems PDF
George Kawash (University of Guelph), Lorene Kozeluk (University of Guelph) 189-196
Family environment and multidimensional locus of control PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University), Vincent Hall (Bishop's University), Dale Stout (Bishop's University) 197-200
The radiating effects of a person's religiousness PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Daryl L. Cross (East Tennessee State University) 201-206
Husband's masculinity, wife's power, and marital conflict PDF
W. Andrew Harrell (University of Alberta) 207-216
Perceived social influence in mental health: The professionals' perspective PDF
Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Florida), Curtis Walling (Tempe Arizona) 217-224
Optimism and the reporting of flu episodes PDF
P. Nicholas Hamid (City University of Hong Kong) 225-234
Lay causal perceptions of Third World poverty and the Just World Theory PDF
David J. Harper (University of Liverpool), Graham F. Wagstaff (University of Liverpool), J. Tim Newton (Salford College of Technology), Kevin R. Harrison (University of Liverpool) 235-238
Parental attitudes among rural Indian women: A structural analysis PDF
Satvir Singh (Guru Nanak Dev University), Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 239-244
The relationship between personality disorders, normality and healthy personality: Personality on a continuum PDF
Ken R. Vincent (University of Houston) 245-250
Camping and child abuse PDF
David L. Groves (Bowling Green State University) 251-260
Gender schematic parapraxes in the articulated thoughts of ex-smokers PDF
David A. F. Haaga (The American University) 261-266
An interactional approach to attributional dimensions in dysphoria PDF
Janet E. Eschen (Veterans Administration Medical Center), David S. Glenwick (Fordham University) 267-278
Egocentrism and depressive symptomatology in young adults PDF
Pierre Baron (University of Ottawa), Jayne Hanna (University of Ottawa) 279-286
Escape stress, sleep disorders, and assimilation of refugees PDF
Zack Z. Cernovsky (St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital) 287-298
Black-White differences in reaction times and intelligence PDF
Richard Lynn (University of Ulster at Coleraine), Manda Holmshaw (University of Ulster at Coleraine) 299-308
Treating factor interpretations as hypotheses PDF
Lane Tracy (Ohio University) 309-326
Locus of coping in a sample of Chinese working parents: Reliance on self or seeking help from others PDF
Daniel T. L. Shek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Chau-Kiu Cheung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 327-346
Personality characteristics of mid-career male Anglican clergy PDF
Leslie J. Francis (Trinity College), Paul R. Pearson (West Suffolk Hospital) 347-350