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Volume 17 Issue 1

February 1989


Attitudes towards rape victims: Effects of victim status, sex of victim, and sex of raper PDF
Katherine Burczyk (Bishop's University), Lionel G. Standing (Bishop's University) 1-8
Attitudes versus actions: Lapiere's (1934) classic study revisited PDF
Terry Dockery (Louisiana State University), Arthur G. Bedeian (Louisiana State University) 9-16
Could differences in the interpretation of behavior be a reason for low rating-behavior, self-peer, and peer-peer personality correlations? PDF
Brian P. O'Connor (Lakehead University), Russell Day (University of Guelph) 17-28
Subject pool sign-up procedures: A threat to external validity PDF
Jeffrey M. Jackson (Fordham University), Mary E. Procidano (Fordham University), Carrie J. Cohen (Fordham University) 29-42
Is there a home field disadvantage in professional sports championships? PDF
John Benjafield (Brock University), William W. Liddell (Brock University), Ian Benjafield (Queen’s University) 45-50
Behavioral implications of adaption-innovation: I. Managerial effectiveness as a function of sex differences in adaption-innovation PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College) 51-56
Determinants of perceived deficiency of autonomy among elementary school administrators PDF
Haim H. Gaziel (Bar-Ilan University) 57-66
The effect of competitive tasks on liking of self and other PDF
Stephen T. Deberry (Soundview Community Services) 67-80
Effects of incongruence between the perceived self and the ideal self on emotional stability of stripteasers PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Daley College), Patrick O'Connor (Tolentine College) 81-92
Causal attributions for turnover by supervisory and nonsupervisory personnel PDF
Moshe Krausz (Bar-Ilan University), Aharon Bizman (Bar-Ilan University), Itzhak Weiss (Bar-Ilan University) 93-102
Psychopathology of shift work PDF
Ebenezer Oultope Akinnawo (Ondo State University) 103-110
Perception of the argumentativeness trait in interpersonal relationship situations PDF
Beth M. Waggenspack (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Wayne E. Hensley (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 111-120