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Volume 16 Issue 1

February 1988


Components of self-esteem of children from a deprived cross-cultural background PDF
David Watkins (University of Canterbury) 1-4
Social comparison or utility: An experimental examination PDF
Jacov Rofe (Bar-Ilan University), Isaac Lewin (Bar-Ilan University) 5-10
Causal preferences as a factor in the choice and diagnosis of social contingencies PDF
Michael E. Patch (California State University) 11-18
Locus of control and attitude toward eating in a female college population PDF
Gary Groth-Marnat (Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education), Jack F. Schumaker (Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education) 19-24
Schizotypal estimators in adolescence: The concurrent validity of the RISC PDF
John Rust (University of London), Herbert Chiu (University of London) 25-32
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: VI. Machiavellianism and the psychopath PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (University of Western Ontario) 33-38
The effects of defendant and juror attractiveness on simulated courtroom trial decisions PDF
Bruce W. Darby (Denison University), Devon Jeffers (Denison University) 39-50
Male responses to female aggression PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Veronica E. Horn (University of Lethbridge), Mary J. Huddle (University of Lethbridge) 51-58
Sex differences in perceived self- and other-disclosure: A case where inequity increases satisfaction PDF
Karen U. Millar (University of Guelph), Murray G. Millar (Wilfrid Laurier University) 59-64
Gender differences in first year medical students' attitudes towards a discussion-oriented behavioral science course PDF
Howard B. Roback (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine), Pauline L. Rabin (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine), John E. Chapman (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine) 65-70
Effects of open versus closed physical environment on employee perception and attitude PDF
Vincent E. Cangelosi (The University of Southwestern Louisiana), Laura F. Lemoine (Louisiana State University) 71-78
The effect of behavioral commitment and ability discrepancy on attitudinal persistence PDF
Bikram Dasgupta (University of Toronto), Ann Liang (McMaster University) 79-84
Using effect coding for comparing models in social research PDF
Meni Koslowsky (Bar-Ilan University) 85-90
Religiosity and Lie scores: A question of interpretation PDF
Leslie J. Francis (Culham College Institute), Paul R. Pearson (West Suffolk Hospital), William K. Kay (Assemblies of God Bible College, Doncaster) 91-96
Theoretical consideration of integrating social structure into symbolic interactionism: Selected methodological insights PDF
Arthur F. Clagett (Stephen F. Austin State University) 97-108
Personality correlates of the Jenkins Activity Survey PDF
Glenn R. Schiraldi (University of Maryland), Kenneth H. Beck (University of Maryland) 109-116