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Volume 15 Issue 2

August 1987


Psychological motives and defensive person perception: A brief historical account and a revised model PDF
Avi Assor (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) 119-132
The effects of gender and drinking experience on alcohol expectancies about self and male versus female other PDF
William H. George (SUNY at Buffalo), Mary Mcafee (State University of New York At Buffalo) 133-144
Attitudes of adult women to drinking and smoking PDF
Joan B. Beckwith (Phillip Institute of Technology) 145-160
Loneliness among German university students: Some correlates PDF
Helmut Lamm (Universität zu Köln), Ekkehard Stephan (Köln University) 161-164
A more unified view of the multiple personality disorder PDF
Ronald L. Kelley (Kelley Psychiatric Clinic, Paducah), Frank Kodman (Kelley Psychiatric Clinic, Paducah) 165-168
A 'projective' test of the golden section hypothesis PDF
Chris Lee (Brock University), Jack Adams-Webber (Brock University) 169-176
Comparison of the effectiveness of subliminal stimulation and social support on anxiety reduction PDF
Matthew M. Clark (Brown University), Mary E. Procidano (Fordham University) 177-184
Psychological functions of eating, drinking, and smoking in adult women PDF
Joan B. Beckwith (Phillip Institute of Technology) 185-206
The relationship between Type A behavior and hyperactivity in children as measured by the Conner's Hyperactivity and Myth-0 Scales PDF
Kathryn M. Rickard (Colorado State University), Christine Woods De Rael (University of Northern Colorado) 207-214
Lovestyles revisited PDF
Duncan Cramer (Loughborough University) 215-220
Homosexuals' and lesbians' philosophies of human nature PDF
Leonard Weller (Bar-Ilan University), Motti Benozio (Bar-Ilan University) 221-224
Managerial humor and subordinate satisfaction PDF
Wayne H. Decker (Salisbury State College) 225-232
Locus of control, mental ability, self-esteem and alienation PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University), Thierry Devisse (Bishop's University) 233-236