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Volume 50 Issue 5

May 2022


Workplace relationships and employees’ proactive behavior: Organization-based self-esteem as a mediator Download PDF
Xiao-Ying Su (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Ling-Yun Wang (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Long Zhang (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
The reliability and validity of a Chinese version of the Student Career Construction Inventory Download PDF
Xiaochuan Jiang (Jiangxi Normal University), Yizhuo Li (Southwest University), Yanhui Hou (University of Dayton), Nicholas Chima (University of Dayton), Jianfeng Yang (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)
Does job autonomy affect job engagement? Psychological meaningfulness as a mediator Download PDF
Moonju Sung (National Assembly Futures Institute), Dong-Yeol Yoon (Konkuk University), Caleb Seung-Hyun Han (University of Georgia)
Reactions of Chinese “drifting elderly” aged 50 years and over when facing negative experiences in urban living Download PDF
Yuhui Ruan (School of Politics and Public Administration and Institute of Public Health, Soochow University, and School of International and Public Affairs and Institute of Health Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Linyi Zhou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
A correlation study of military psychological stress, optimistic intelligence quotient, and emotion regulation of Chinese naval soldiers Download PDF
Yi Cui (Air Force Medical University), Xinchi Zhang (Air Force Medical University), Na Liu (Air Force Medical University), Qin Liu (Air Force Medical University), Lanfang Zhang (Air Force Medical University), Yinling Zhang (Air Force Medical University)
Zhongyong thinking mediates the relationship between leader–member exchange and employee creativity Download PDF
Zhengbo Gao (Lanzhou University), Yanbo Guo (Hunan University of Finance and Economics), Haikang Wei (University of Macau)
Leisure benefits, flow experience, and life satisfaction comparison between players of actual and virtual golf Download PDF
Chul-Ho Bum (College of Physical Education, Kyung Hee University), Ji-Hye Yang (College of Physical Education, Kyung Hee University), Chulhwan Choi (Gachon University)
Meta-analysis of effectiveness of electroencephalogram monitoring of sustained attention for improving online learning achievement Download PDF
Enyun Liu (Shandong Women's University), Jingxian Zhao (SEGi University)
Impact of effort–reward imbalance on undergraduates’ aggressive behavior: The mediating role of perceived justice and hostile attribution Download PDF
Kequn Chu (College of Physical Education, Yangzhou University, People's Republic of China, and School of Educational Science, Guangxi Science & Technology Normal University), Fengshu Zhu (Yangzhou University)
Social support and nutritional status: Positive psychological capital as a mediator Download PDF
Qian Xu (Department of Clinical Nutrition, Peking University People’s Hospital, and Institute of Medical Technology, Peking University Health Science Center), Lin Shao (Peking University People’s Hospital), Shilong Zhao (Peking University People’s Hospital), Jingjing Cai (Peking University People’s Hospital), Lulu Lu (Peking University People’s Hospital), Boshi Wang (Peking University People’s Hospital), Peng Liu (Department of Clinical Nutrition, Peking University People’s Hospital, and Institute of Medical Technology, Peking University Health Science Center)
Family-of-origin triangulation and marital stability: A multiple mediation model Download PDF
Yang Song (East China Normal University), Sitong Liu (Zhengzhou University), Yongfang Liu (East China Normal University)
Cultural intelligence in the choice of international assignments Download PDF
Gahye Hong (Pusan National University), Eunmi Kim (Pusan National University)
Learning behavior, environmental awareness, and agricultural waste management of banana farmers in China Download PDF
Laurent Cishahayo (Hainan University), Qian Yang (Hainan University), Yueji Zhu (Hainan University), Fang Wang (Hainan University)
Erratum Download PDF
Yang Sun (Jilin University), Huijuan Wang (Affiliated Guangji Hospital of Soochow University), Libin Zhang (Beijing Normal University), Zhaoliang Li (Jilin University), Shaobo Lv (North China University of Science and Technology), Bing Li (Hebei Sixth People's Hospital)