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Volume 49 Issue 1

January 2021


Social comparison orientation and mental health: The mediating role of psychological capital Download PDF
Guoliang Yang (Guangzhou Maritime University), Zhihua Wang (Macau University of Science and Technology), Weijiong Wu (Guangdong University of Technology)
Charismatic leadership and millennial employee innovation performance relationship mediated by employees’ leadership, professional, and organizational identification Download PDF
Caihong Zhao (Zhejiang Wanli University), Guixian Tian (Zhejiang Wanli University), Zhengzai Wen (Pingxiang University), Xingyu Gao (University of Science and Technology of China)
The role of character positional frequency in oral reading: A developmental study Download PDF
Kunyu Lian (Fujian Medical University), Jie Ma (Tianjin Normal University), Feifei Liang (Tianjin Normal University), Ling Wei (Fujian Medical University), Shuwei Zhang (Fujian Medical University), Yingying Wu (Fujian Normal University), Xuejun Bai (Tianjin Normal University), Rong Lian (Fujian Normal University)
Subjective social class and Internet altruistic behavior among Chinese college students: Mediating role of self-esteem Download PDF
Xianliang Zheng (Gannan Normal University), Zeyi Wang (Gannan Normal University), Huiping Chen (Gannan Normal University), Lingqing Yang (Gannan Normal University)
Validation of a Chinese version of the Perceived Coolness Scale among Chinese college students Download PDF
Lin Liu (School of Management Science and Engineering, and the Key Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Management and Control of Complex Systems of Anhui Higher Education Institutes, Anhui University of Technology), Jian Li (Central South University), Jinnan Wu (Anhui University of Technology), Tingting Zhu (Anhui University of Technology)
Knowledge sharing mediates the relationship between Zhongyong thinking and employee creativity Download PDF
Zhonghe Fan (Shandong University of Finance and Economics)
Using a computer scoring system to correlate stress response and indicators in the Draw-a-Person-in-the-Rain Test Download PDF
Ziyang Li (Jiangsu University), Guorui Liu (The Affiliated Guangji Hospital of Soochow University), Yige Liu (University of Gävle), Zhiqiang Ma (Jiangsu University)
Perceived social support as a moderator of depression and stress in college students Download PDF
Bin Shi (Anyang Normal University)
How and when family-supportive supervisor behaviors foster work engagement and gratitude: A moderated mediation model Download PDF
Guoxia Qing (Hubei University of Education), Haitao Zhang (Hubei University of Education), Zhongcheng Wang (Hubei University of Education)
Effect of coworker ostracism on newcomer socialization: A self-control perspective Download PDF
Pan Liu (Beijing Jiaotong University), Yihua Zhang (Pepperdine University), Mingyu Zhang (Beijing Jiaotong University), Wen Wu (Beijing Jiaotong University)
How social exclusion and high self-esteem negatively affect consumer attitudes toward anthropomorphized products Download PDF
Ruiheng Fu (Jilin University), Wei Xu (Jilin University)
Examining the psychometric properties of the simplified Parenting Stress Index-Short Form with Chinese parents of children with cerebral palsy Download PDF
Yongli Wang (East China Normal University), Jing Song (East China Normal University), Jianfeng Chen (East China Normal University), Yiwen Zhang (East China Normal University), Qin Wan (East China Normal University), Zhaoming Huang (East China Normal University)
Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical doctors in Turkey Download PDF
Turgut Karakose (Kutahya Dumlupinar University), Nedim Malkoc (University of Health Sciences)
Eye region as a predictor of holistic facial aesthetic judgment: An event-related potential study Download PDF
Pengcheng Zhang (Nantong University), Yezi Chen (Nantong University), Yiran Zhu (Nantong University), Haibin Wang (Huangshan University)
Sensation seeking, media multitasking, and social Facebook use Download PDF
Gunwoo Yoon (University of Northern Iowa), Brittany R. L. Duff (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Matthew P. Bunker (University of Northern Iowa)