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Volume 13 Issue 2

August 1985


Transmitting methods of conflict resolution from parents to children: A replication and comparison of Blacks and Whites, males and females PDF
David E. Jorgenson (Southwest Texas State University) 109-118
Unresolved issues in research on field dependence-independence PDF
Aidan P. Moran (University College, Dublin) 119-126
Commonsense attribution versus the covariation principle PDF
Charles E. Kimble (University of Dayton) 127-136
Construct elicitation techniques and the production of interpersonal concepts in children PDF
Reid Klion (Miami University), L. M. Leitner (Miami University) 137-142
Lunar cycles and human aggression: A replication PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Jane De Graaf (University of Lethbridge) 143-146
An examination of the effect of tangible and social reinforcers on intelligence test performance of middle school students PDF
Janice Miller (Lees-McRae College), Ben F. Eller (The University of Alabama) 147-158
Norm formation, social conformity, and the confederating function of humor PDF
Robert M. Khoury (Wesleyan College) 159-166
Perceptions of professionals who express religious beliefs PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Philip Doriot (East Tennessee State University) 167-170
Mood and positive expectations PDF
Lars-Olof Persson (University of Göteborg), Lennart Sjoberg (University of Göteborg) 171-182
Mood and expected outcome in a test situation PDF
Lennart Sjoberg (Stockholm School of Economics) 183-194
Almost all you wanted to know about status inconsistency but never dared to measure: Theoretical deficits in empirical research on status inconsistency PDF
Ekkart Zimmermann (University of the Federal Armed Forces) 195-214
Factor analysis of the Stewart Personality Inventory Research Form and its correlations with some other personality instruments: Erratum Note PDF
S. M. S. Ahmed (Laurentian University), Robert A. C. Stewart (Laurentian University) 215-216