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Volume 48 Issue 10

October 2020


Linking empowering leadership to employee innovation: The mediating role of work engagement Download PDF
Guixian Tian (Zhejiang Wanli University), Zhuo Zhang (Macau University of Science and Technology)
Social media use and student creativity: The mediating role of student engagement Download PDF
Xiaomeng Sun (School of Economics, Zhejiang Gongshang University, and Graduate School, University of Perpetual Help System DALTA)
Dysfunction of categorization of emotional faces in people with schizophrenia Download PDF
Guimei Yin (College of Computer Science and Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology, and Department of Computer Science and Technology, Taiyuan Normal University), Haifang Li (Taiyuan University of Technology), Lun Zhao (Liaocheng University)
Impact of sense of status on the international entrepreneurial intention of undergraduates in China Download PDF
Haiqin Yao (Zhejiang University City College), Milad T. Jannesari (Zhejiang University City College), Jinxiu Sun (Zhejiang University City College), Qin Lai (Zhejiang University City College), Jing Ji (Zhejiang University City College)
Impact of weight stigma on preadolescents’ and adolescents’ disordered eating behaviors: Testing two mediation models Download PDF
Hao Chen (Fujian Normal University), Yiduo Ye (Fujian Normal University), Jichang Guo (Yulin Normal University)
Effect of locus of control on innovative behavior among new generation employees: A moderated mediation model Download PDF
Lingyan Xu (Management School, Jiangsu University, People’s Republic of China, and Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada), Jianguo Du (Jiangsu University), Xiying Lei (Jiangsu University), Keith W. Hipel (Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, and Centre for International Governance Innovation, Waterloo, ON)
Effect of employee career satisfaction on organizational citizenship behavior Download PDF
Yuanyuan Lv (Southwest Petroleum University), Xiaozhong Yu (Southwest Petroleum University)
The effects of optimism on self-framing and risky decision making Download PDF
Ran Zhang (Air Force Medical University), Luming Zhao (Peking University), Lin Wu (Air Force Medical University), Hongxu Chen (Chengdu University), Gaoxing Zhou (Chengdu University), Xiaoqing Zhang (Chengdu University), Peng Fang (Air Force Medical University), Xufeng Liu (Air Force Medical University)
Avatar identification mediates the relationship between peer phubbing and mobile game addiction Download PDF
Lujie Hao (Business Administration College, Huaqiao University, and Economics and Business Administration Institute, Fuzhou University of Foreign Studies and Trade), Qinghua Lv (Huaqiao University), Xiaosan Zhang (Xiamen National Accounting Institute), Qingquan Jiang (Xiamen University of Technology), Lin Ping (Minjiang University)
Does leader narcissism hinder employees taking charge? An affective events theory perspective Download PDF
Jiang-Tao Chen (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Zhi-Hui Cheng (Hubei University of Economics), Hua-Qiang Wang (Yangtze University), Dan Li (Yangtze University)
The effect of ambidextrous leadership on employee voice: A moderated mediation model Download PDF
Gui-Liang Peng (Zhoukou Normal University)
Effects of online service failure on customers’ intentions to complain online Download PDF
Xing'an Xu (Hainan University), Luqi Wang (Hainan University), Lilei Wang (Hainan University), Kaini Xue (Hainan University)
Helping or hurting? Effects of sexism and likeability on third party perceptions of women Download PDF
Christopher R. Warren (California State University, Long Beach, CA), Mona Zanhour (California State University, Long Beach, CA), Mark Washburn (California State University, Long Beach, CA), Brianna Odom (Aerotek Recruiting Agency, Los Angeles, CA)
Using demographic variables to predict graduating university students’ critical thinking disposition Download PDF
Ahmet Karahan (European University of Lefke), Gökhan İskifoğlu (European University of Lefke)
Negative life events and Internet addiction among Mainland Chinese teenagers and young adults: A meta-analysis Download PDF
Shunyu Li (Xinjiang Normal University), Haiying Zhang (Xinjiang Normal University), Lianghong Cheng (Xinjiang Normal University), Xiaotong Wang (Xinjiang Normal University), Remilan Sitahong (Xinjiang Normal University)