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Volume 48 Issue 2

February 2020


Employee experience and customer loyalty: Perceived authenticity and relational commitment as serial mediators Download PDF
Jang Heon Han (Kyung Hee University), Jin Suk Lee (Dongguk University)
Impact of media use on consumer product knowledge Download PDF
Guoliang Cai (Hunan Normal University)
Job crafting and turnover intention: The mediating role of work engagement and job satisfaction Download PDF
Taotao Zhang (Xi'an University of Technology), Bingxiang Li (Xi'an University of Technology)
Revisiting the dimensionality of the Brief Sensation Seeking Scale in Mainland China Download PDF
Sai-fu Fung (City University of Hong Kong)
Self-sacrificial leadership and employees’ unethical pro-organizational behavior: Roles of identification with leaders and collectivism Download PDF
Jianchun Yang (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Lu Lu (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Nan Yao (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Chaochao Liang (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics)
Effect of heightened interoceptive awareness among smokers on misinterpretation of emotional arousal Download PDF
Minseung Kim (Chung-Ang University), Yeon-Ju Park (Chung-Ang University), Kiho Kim (Chung-Ang University), Jang-Han Lee (Chung-Ang University)
Professional power, job security, and decision making in project funding: The assessors’ perspective Download PDF
Chuqing Zhang (North China Electric Power University), Yanbin Li (North China Electric Power University), Dunnan Liu (North China Electric Power University), Xiaoting Hu (Tsinghua University)
Change in the level of depression among Chinese college students from 2000 to 2017: A cross-temporal meta-analysis Download PDF
Bing Feng (School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, East China Normal University, and School of Basic Medical Sciences, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Yan Zhang (Central China Normal University), Lei Zhang (Shanghai University of Chinese Traditional Medicine), Xiaodan Xie (Tongji University), Wenxiu Geng (East China Normal University)
Narrowing the empathy gap between doctors and patients using emotion forecasting Download PDF
Guoying Qian (Capital Normal University), Wen Zheng (Tsinghua University), Shuchang Liu (Wenzhou Medical University), Suo Jiang (Wenzhou Medical University), Yuan Du (Capital Normal University), Sijie Yang (Capital Normal University)
Entrepreneurs’ social networks and opportunity identification: Entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial alertness as moderators Download PDF
Cuiping Ma (Zhejiang University), Jin Yang (Southwest University of Science and Technology), Ling Chen (Zhejiang University), Xialei You (Zhejiang University), Wei Zhang (Zhejiang University), Yuan Chen (Zhejiang University)
Coach–autonomy support and youth sport team efficacy mediated by coach–athlete relationship Download PDF
Sun-Lyoung Cho (Korea Sports Psychology Institute), Woo-Yeul Baek (Kyonggi University)
Temporal self-appraisal in a Chinese context: Distancing autobiographical memory following self-uncertainty salience Download PDF
Qing Yang (Faculty of Education, Qufu Normal University and School of Psychology, Southwest University), Oscar Ybarra (University of Michigan), Kees van den Bos (Utrecht University), Yufang Zhao (Southwest University), Lili Guan (Northeast Normal University), Xiting Huang (Southwest University)
Color preference and color meaning in the context of flags Download PDF
Tengxiao Zhang (Nanjing University), Yunpeng Shi (Nanjing University)
Short Boredom Proneness Scale: Adaptation and validation of a Chinese version with college students Download PDF
Jiaxi Peng (Chengdu University), Wei Guo (Air Force No. 986 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army), Luming Zhao (Peking University), Xiaochen Han (Chengdu University), Shengjun Wu (Air Force Medical University)