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Volume 13 Issue 1

February 1985


A predictive study of voting behavior using Lampert's Pollimeter PDF
Shlomo I. Lampert (Bar-Ilan University), Aharon Tziner (Bar-Ilan University and Tel-Aviv University) 1-10
The influence of hair color on eliciting help: Do blonde's have more fun? PDF
Samuel Juni (New York University), Michelle Roth (New York University) 11-14
Dynamics of interpersonal and intrapersonal perception PDF
Daniel Kahans (Wingrove Cottage Community Clinic), Naomi Crafti (Wingrove Cottage Community Clinic) 15-26
Integrative complexity, cognitive complexity and impression formation PDF
William V. Chambers (Wright State University) 27-28
Measurement error and changes in personal constructs PDF
William V. Chambers (Wright State University) 29-32
Heritability in the personality control system: Ego strength (C), super ego strength (G) and the self sentiment (Q3); by the MAVA Model, Q-Data, and maximum likelihood analyses PDF
Raymond B. Cattell (University of Hawaii at Manoa), D. Rao (University of Hawaii), J. Schuerger (Cleveland University) 33-42
Prior contacts and perception of the deaf by the non-deaf in Nigeria PDF
Funmi Togonu-Bickersteth (University of Ife), A. Odebiyi (University of Ife) 43-54
Experimentally induced learned helplessness: How far does it generalize? PDF
Keith Tuffin (Massey University), Beryl Hesketh (Massey University), John Podd (Massey University) 55-62
The Felt Figure Test on measures of distance and height in Israeli children PDF
Aaron Rabinowitz (Bar-Ilan University), Zamira Eldan (Bar-Ilan University) 63-68
Sex-identification and sex-typing in some Nigerian children's drawings PDF
Jeffrey E. Pfeifer (University of Ife) 69-72
Liberating the "deviant" feminist image through education PDF
Irene Dabrowski (St John's University) 73-82
The Franck Test for gender identity: Correlation with occupation and long-term stability of score in normal men PDF
Roland Berg (Ersta Hospital) 83-90
Reactions to leadership style as a function of locus of control and ascendancy of subordinates PDF
Margaret H. Rucker (University of California), D. King (Purdue University) 91-108