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Volume 47 Issue 9

September 2019


Psychological capital and innovative behavior: Mediating effect of psychological safety Download PDF
Yuping Sun (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), Jiatao Huang (The Orient Institute of Psychology)
Supervisor incivility and millennial employee creativity: A moderated mediation model Download PDF
Chang-E Liu (Mobile E-business Collaborative Innovation Center of Hunan Province, Key Laboratory of Hunan Province for Mobile Business Intelligence, and College of Business Administration, Hunan University of Commerce), Yahui Chen (Yunnan University), Wei He (Indiana State University), Jie Huang (Hunan University of Commerce)
The effects of Korean college students’ self-identity on career decision-making self-efficacy Download PDF
Sanglim Kim (Incheon National University), Sungeun Yang (Inha University)
Formation of user stickiness in an online knowledge community in China Download PDF
Yinbo Wu (Beihang University), Zhichao Cheng (Beihang University)
Reliability and validity of the Social Curiosity Scale among Chinese university students Download PDF
Yong Zhang (Zhoukou Normal University)
Loyal past, fickle future: The effects of temporal thinking on consumers’ variety-seeking behaviors Download PDF
Yuan Zhang (Xiamen University), Zhaoyang Guo (Xiamen University)
Consumers’ perceived usefulness of online reviews: Effects of emotional certainty and product involvement Download PDF
Yujie Li (China Research Institute of Enterprise Governed by Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law)
Coworker feedback seeking and feedback environment in China: An expectation states theory approach Download PDF
Zhenxing Gong (Liaocheng University), Mengshuang Liu (Liaocheng University), Di Xin (New York University), Faheem Gul Gilal (Sukkur IBA University), Kui Yin (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Na Zhang (Beijing Information Science and Technology University)
Family leisure and subjective well-being: Do patterns and timing matter? Download PDF
Chen-Yueh Chen (National Taiwan Sport University), Yi-Hsiu Lin (National Taiwan University), Chen-Yin Lee (MingDao University), Yen-Kuang Lin (Taipei Medical University), Wen-Ing Chen (Aletheia University), Jing-Rong Shih (Alian Junior High School, Taiwan)
Sadness empathy facilitates prosocial lying Download PDF
Li Xu (East China Normal University), Guopeng Chen (East China Normal University), Biqin Li (Jiangxi Normal University)
Innovation in safety management: A moderated mediation model Download PDF
Guan Wang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Xiaohu Zhou (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
Team cohesion: A double-edged sword in the relationship between rival estimation and escalation of commitment Download PDF
Somayeh Khoshsoroor (Harbin Institute of Technology), Dapeng Liang (Harbin Institute of Technology), Gholamheidar Ebrahimbay Salami (University of Tehran), Ehsan Chitsaz (University of Tehran)