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Volume 12 Issue 2

August 1984


Leader age and national conditions: A longitudinal analysis of 25 European monarchs PDF
Dean Keith Simonton (University of California) 111-114
Effects of sex ratios on occupational prestige and desirability among black and white university students PDF
Lawrence W. Littig (Howard University), Carolyn Reynolds (Howard University) 115-120
The effects of risk probability, outcome severity, efficacy of protection and access to protection on decision making: A further test of protection motivation theory PDF
Kenneth H. Beck (University of Maryland) 121-126
The ego reference system: A confirmatory cross-cultural study PDF
Ngaire V. Adcock (Victoria University of Wellington), Katherine White (University of Queensland) 127-134
Some personality traits of superior university students PDF
Frank Kodman (Murray State University) 135-138
Identifying the CBK personality PDF
Frank Kodman (Murray State University) 139-142
Factor analysis of the Stewart Personality Inventory Research Form and its correlations with some other personality instruments PDF
S. M. S. Ahmed (Laurentian University) 143-152
Child-rearing patterns and dimensions of personality PDF
John Clayer (South Australian Health Commission), Michael W. Ross (Flinders University Medical School), Rita Campbell (South Australian Health Commission) 153-156
Groupthink: Effects of cohesiveness and problem-solving procedures on group decision making PDF
Michael R. Callaway (Lamar University), James K. Esser (Lamar University) 157-164
Social linkages and organizational commitment in voluntary organizations PDF
Van Latham (Wayne State University), Cary M. Lichtman (Wayne State University) 165-170
Changing perceptions of a dating partner PDF
Steve Beck (University of Georgia), Barbara Olasov (University of Georgia), Mark Frazier (University of Georgia), James F. Calhoun (University of Georgia) 171-176
The relationship between self-esteem and maladaptive behaviors in high school students PDF
Charles L. Richman (Wake Forest University), Kathryn Brown (Wake Forest University), Maxine Clark (Wake Forest University) 177-186
The Asch Conformity Effect: A study in Kuwait PDF
Taha Amir (Kuwait University) 187-190
Canadian students' beliefs about the relationships among love, sex, and intimacy PDF
Thomas Storm (Health Promotion Directorate), Christine Storm (Mount Allison University) 191-198
Self-monitoring, shyness, and sociability PDF
Richard Lennox (Texas Tech University) 199-202
The effect of color in American political campaigns PDF
W. Gary Howard (University of West Florida) 203-212
Parental toy choice stereotyping and its effects on child toy preference and sex-role typing PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Wilbur Wright College), Tiffany Sydney (Kennedy-King College) 213-216
The effect of perceived planning and propriety on the effectiveness of leadership accounts PDF
Robert A. Giacalone (Bryant College), Paul Rosenfeld (Penn State University - The Behrend College) 217-224