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Volume 46 Issue 6

June 2018


Impact of social influence and users’ perception of coolness on smartwatch behavior PDF
Donghee Shin (Chung-Ang University), Frank Biocca (Syracuse University) 881-890
How image congruity and satisfaction impact customer retention at luxury restaurants: A moderated mediation framework PDF
Heesup Han (Sejong University), Wansoo Kim (Dong-A University), Sanghyeop Lee (Youngsan University), Hye-Ran Kim (Gyeongju University) 891-904
Thinness = beauty: Factors that influence women’s cognitive bias toward weight loss PDF
Chia-Chan Chou (Hsing Wu University of Science and Technology) 905-924
Human sex differences in emotion prediction: Evidence from event-related potentials PDF
Guangming Ran (China West Normal University) 925-934
Sponsorship information reception and processing: Explicit and implicit memory of in-game advertising PDF
Choong Hoon Lim (Seoul National University), Youngjin Hur (Konkuk University), Song Mi Song (Seoul National University) 935-952
How the microfilm marketing strategy stimulates consumers’ purchase intention PDF
Pei-Jung Su (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Hsi-Peng Lu (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Pei-Hsin Lin (National Taiwan University) 953-968
Children’s emotion regulation and attachment to parents: Parental emotion socialization as a moderator PDF
Emine Ahmetoglu (Trakya University), Gökçen Ilhan Ildiz (Namik Kemal University), Ibrahim H. Acar (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Amy Encinger (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 969-984
Negative arousal reduces sensitivity for processing context information PDF
Thomas Maran (University of Innsbruck and Alps Adria University of Klagenfurt), Pierre Sachse (University of Innsbruck), Marco Furtner (University of Innsbruck) 985-994
Person–organization fit, work–family balance, and work attitude: The moderated mediating effect of supervisor support PDF
Peng Fan (Chungbuk National University) 995-1010
Effects of social capital on collective action for community development PDF
Hyoung-Yong Kim (Dongguk University, Seoul) 1011-1028
Want engaged temporary agency workers? Think beyond the money PDF
Jianwu Jiang (Shenzhen University), Rong Wang (Shenzhen University) 1029-1042
Factors influencing choice when enrolling at a fitness center PDF
Won Yong Jang (Yonsei University), Kyoungho Choi (Hallym University) 1043-1056