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Volume 45 Issue 10

November 2017


Attentional bias of guilty and innocent participants in a concealed information test PDF
Yu Na Hong (Chung-Ang University), Min Jin Jin (Chung-Ang University), Hyoen Gi Hong (National Forensic Service, Republic of Korea), Hee Song Kim (National Forensic Service, Republic of Korea), Hyung Ki Ji (National Forensic Service, Republic of Korea), Myoung-Ho Hyun (Chung-Ang University) 1585-1594}
Institutionalized socialization tactics as predictors of voice behavior among new employees PDF
Pingqing Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology), Yang Chen (Beijing Institute of Technology), Xue Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology), Chengping Hou (Beijing Institute of Technology) 1595-1606}
Others’ participation rate influences an individual’s charitable behavior: Others’ similarity as a moderator PDF
Seung Yun Lee (Konkuk University), Sunho Jung (Kyung Hee University), Sangdo Oh (Yonsei University), Seong Hoon Park (SK Corporate Contribution Team, Republic of Korea) 1607-1618}
Positive coping style as a mediator between older adults’ self-esteem and loneliness PDF
Le Zhao (Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai), Xing Zhang (Southwest University), Guangming Ran (China West Normal University) 1619-1628}
Effects of grit on academic achievement and career-related attitudes of college students in Korea PDF
Suran Lee (Baekseok University), Young Woo Sohn (Yonsei University) 1629-1642}
Cross-cultural testing of face threats to predict apology and thanks intentions PDF
Hye Eun Lee (Ewha Womans University), Hyunjin Park (Sungkyunkwan University) 1643-1654}
Coaching leadership and employee voice behavior: A multilevel study PDF
Yanfei Wang (South China University of Technology), Chuqin Yuan (South China University of Technology), Yu Zhu (Jinan University) 1655-1664}
Positive academic emotions and psychological resilience among rural-to-urban migrant adolescents in China PDF
Daoyang Wang (Anhui Normal University and Beijing Normal University), Mingming Hu (Beijing Normal University), Xin Yin (Beijing Normal University) 1665-1674}
Perceived overqualification and its outcomes: The moderating role of organizational learning PDF
Boyang Zheng (Zhejiang University), Zhongming Wang (Zhejiang University) 1675-1690}
Effects of face and guanxi on individual knowledge-sharing intention PDF
Zhuojia Zhao (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics), Hung-Hsin Chen (East China Normal University), Po-Yen Lee (National Taichung University of Education) 1691-1706}
New employee intention to leave and consequent work performance: Does leadership style matter? PDF
Jun Tao (Chongqing University), Wanxing Jiang (Hong Kong Baptist University), Chang Liu (Changchun School of Administration), Xin Yang (Hang Seng Management College), Weiguo Zhang (Chongqing University), Haomin Zhang (Macau University of Science and Technology) 1707-1722}
Complaint behavior of mothers and daughters in Pakistan: Transmission and differences between generations PDF
Abdul Haseeb Chaudhary (National University of Modern Languages, Multan Campus) 1723-1734}
Negative feedback and employee job performance: Moderating role of the Big Five PDF
Yun Guo (Binzhou University), Yanhong Zhang (Wuhan University of Science and Technology), Jianqiao Liao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Xinwei Guo (Binzhou University), Jintao Liu (Binzhou University), Xiang Xue (Binzhou University), Cunchao Li (Binzhou University), Min Zhang (Binzhou University), Yumei Zhang (Binzhou University) 1735-1744}
Developing and testing a scale to assess teachers’ attitudes toward peer mediation of student disputes PDF
Nuket Gunduz (Near East University), Huseyin Uzunboylu (Near East University), Deniz Ozcan (Near East University) 1745-1760}