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Volume 44 Issue 4

May 2016


Cultural orientation in China: Differences across five generations of employees PDF
Jun Ma (Shanghai University), Zhonghui Hu (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology), Małgorzata A. Gocłowska (University of Rochester and University of Amsterdam) 529-540
Pricing aesthetics: How cognitive perception affects bidding for artworks PDF
Fangyuan Chai (Tsinghua University), Kaiping Peng (Tsinghua University), Feng Yu (Tsinghua University) 541-554
Error orientation and entrepreneurial decision making in Chinese enterprises: Opportunity identification as mediator PDF
Xueyan Wei (Jiangnan University), Robert D. Hisrich (Kent State University) 555-568
The relationship between spontaneous trait inferences and spontaneous situational inferences: A developmental approach PDF
Qing Zhang (Shandong Youth University of Political Science), Ningjuan Fang (Shandong Jinan Quancheng Middle School) 569-578
Leisure participation, job stress, and life satisfaction: Moderation analysis of two models PDF
Wei-Chih Chen (National Taiwan University of Sport) 579-588
Intergenerational influence on adolescents’ proenvironmental behavior PDF
Jianan Li (Nanjing University), Chunlin Liu (Nanjing University) 589-602
Proactive personality as a moderator between work stress and employees’ internal growth PDF
Xin Zhao (Xi’an University of Technology), Mi Zhou (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Qian Liu (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Hua Kang (Xi’an University of Technology) 603-618
Affect heuristic as a function of trust in risk communication PDF
Lin Wu (Jilin University), Jing Lin (Jilin University), Jing Liu (Jilin University), Shuo-Feng Chang (Jilin University), Yuan-Yuan Wang (Jilin University), Zhi-Jun Liu (Jilin University) 619-630
Family Life Satisfaction Scale—Turkish version: Psychometric evaluation PDF
Arzu Taşdelen-Karçkay (Uşak University) 631-640
Purchase intention for electric vehicles in China from a customer-value perspective PDF
Shengjun Jiang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 641-656
To click or not to click? Investigating antecedents of advertisement clicking on Facebook PDF
Yoojung Kim (Konkuk University), Mihyun Kang (Eastern Connecticut State University), Sejung Marina Choi (Korea University), Yongjun Sung (Korea University) 657-668
Fostering managers’ knowledge-sharing behavior: The impact of the employee–organization relationship PDF
Hui-Ru Cai (South China University of Technology), Min Li (South China University of Technology), Pian-Pian Guan (South China University of Technology) 669-678
Gender moderates firms’ innovation performance and entrepreneurs’ self-efficacy and risk propensity PDF
Jiarong Yu (Tongji University), Shouming Chen (Tongji University) 679-692
How members’ commitment to an online knowledge community influences their usage behavior PDF
Lili Liu (Xidian University), Rong Du (Xidian University), Weiguo Fan (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 693-704