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Volume 44 Issue 3

April 2016


Obituary: George Shouksmith PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Scientific Journal Publishers) 353-354
Positive team atmosphere mediates the impact of authentic leadership on subordinate creativity PDF
Hao Meng (Beihang University), Zhi-Chao Cheng (Beihang University), Tian-Chao Guo (Beihang University) 355-368
Knowledge transfer between expatriate and host country nationals: The role of self-construal PDF
Milad Jannesari (Zhejiang University), Zhongming Wang (Zhejiang University), Phillip Brown (Zhejiang University), Jacob T. McCall (Rutgers University) 369-382
The impact of regulatory fit on postdecision evaluation PDF
Huaiyong Wang (Zhejiang University Shanghai Normal University), Yongfang Liu (East China Normal University) 383-390
Core self-evaluation, regulatory emotional self-efficacy, and depressive symptoms: Testing two mediation models PDF
Kai Dou (Jinan University), Yu-Jie Wang (Guangdong Industry Technical College), Jian-Bin Li (University of Padua), Yao-Zhong Liu (Jinan University) 391-400
Multilevel conceptualization of leader–member exchange processes: A comprehensive review PDF
Yonjeong Paik (Ajou University) 401-414
Relationships among personality, locus of control, and economic confidence of Chinese migrant workers PDF
Ya-Ting Chen (School of Psychology & Cognitive Science, East China Normal University), Guanghai Wang (School of Psychology & Cognitive Science, East China Normal University), Guangxing Xu (School of Psychology & Cognitive Science, East China Normal University) 415-430
Mere virtual presence with product experience affects brand attitude and purchase intention PDF
Ching-Jui Keng (National Taipei University of Technology), Wen-Hua Chang (National Taipei University of Technology), Chin-Hua Chen (National Taipei University of Technology), Ya-Yi Chang (National Taipei University of Technology) 431-444
Older adults' participation in ballroom dancing: Practical application of the sport commitment model PDF
Chien-Hsin Wang (National Taiwan University of Sport), Angel Yin Chu (Crown Dance, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC) 445-452
Social capital of corporate boards: Effects on firm growth PDF
Ji-Hwan Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Minhong Jang (Lunit Inc., Seoul, South Korea), Chul Choi (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) 453-462
Effect of prosocial behaviors in a mating mindset on purchase decisions PDF
Jae Won Hwang (Seoul National University) 463-480
Psychological divergence between urban and suburban Chinese in relation to green commuting PDF
Kai Chen (Beijing Forestry University), Haokai Liang (Beijing Forestry University), Xiaofan Wang (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) 481-498
Relationships among personality, coping style, and negative emotional response in earthquake survivors PDF
Yanhui Xiang (South China Normal University), Ruifang Wang (South China Normal University), Yiqi Jiang (South China Normal University), Lei Mo (South China Normal University) 499-508
Organization-based self-esteem affects employees' exchange relationship perceptions and extrarole behavior PDF
Yanhan Zhu (Southwest University) 509-518
Beyond objective knowledge: The moderating role of field dependence–independence cognition in financial decision making PDF
Shun-Chuan Chang (Mackay Medical College), Ying-Chan Tang (National Chiao Tung University), Yang-Jung Liu (National Chiao Tung University) 519-528