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Volume 10 Issue 2

August 1982


Assessment of the existence of the anxiety component in evaluation apprehension PDF
Larry Christensen (Texas A & M University) 117-124
Business partnerships: Sex and attractiveness stereotypes PDF
T. J. Kushnir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 125-132
Developmental changes in how children understand television PDF
David J. Bearison (City University of New York), Rosa Mae Baine (City University of New York), Richard Daniele (City University of New York) 133-144
Variations in the pain reactions of hospital patients PDF
William J. Gannon (Anna Maria College) 145-150
Reactions to positive and negative feedback: Enhancement and consistency effects PDF
Jayne E. Stake (University of Missouri) 151-156
The effects of sex-typed trait descriptions on judgments of likeableness PDF
Karen Korabik (University of Guelph) 157-162
Comparative factor analyses of the Personal Attrributes Questionnaire and the Bem Sex-Role Inventory PDF
John Antill (Marquarie University), John D. Cunningham (Marquarie University) 163-172
Personality traits of black belt karate instructors PDF
Frank Kodman (Murray State University) 173-176
Differential aspects of locus of control and attitudes toward death PDF
Nancy Barbara Hyams (University of Arizona), George Domino (University of Arizona), Robert Spencer (University of Arizona) 177-182
Conceptual complexity and susceptibility to learned helplessness PDF
Roma Harris (King's College), Pamela Highlen (Ohio State University) 183-188
Managers' personalities and their leadership perceptions PDF
Paul C. Nystrom (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 189-196
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: III. A simulation procedure for identifying high Machs PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College) 197-200
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: IV. Machiavellianism and psychopathology PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College) 201-204
Group cohesiveness: A dynamic perspective PDF
Aharon Tziner (Tel-Aviv University) 205-212
The effects of false physiological feedback and subject relevance upon belief acceptance PDF
Kenneth H. Beck (University of Maryland), Clive Davis (Syracuse University) 213-220
Us and them: Beliefs about human nature held by young people in the South Pacific PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (University of the South Pacific) 221-226
Differential effects of group cohesiveness types: A clarifying overview PDF
Aharon Tziner (Tel-Aviv University) 227-240
The reliability and validity of Bem and Allen's measure of cross-situational consistency PDF
Jackie Greaner (GTE Data Services, Inc), Louis A. Penner (GTE Data Services, Inc) 241-244
A note on voice and racial categorization in Britain PDF
Peter J. Ball (University of Tasmania) 245-248
A reply to a note on voice and racial categorization in Britain PDF
Howard Giles (University of Bristol), Richard Bourhis (McMaster University) 249-251
A further comment on voice and race in Cardiff PDF
Peter J. Ball (University of Tasmania) 252-252