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Volume 44 Issue 2

March 2016


Childcare teachers' job satisfaction: Effects of personality, conflict-handling, and organizational characteristics PDF
Sanglim Kim (Incheon National University), Sungeun Yang (Inha University) 177-184
Relationship between the temperament trait of sensory processing sensitivity and emotional reactivity PDF
Jadzia Jagiellowicz (Stony Brook University), Arthur Aron (Stony Brook University), Elaine N. Aron (Stony Brook University) 185-200
Relationship between shyness and loneliness among Chinese adolescents: Social support as mediator PDF
Jianfeng Tan (Guangdong Medical University), Yingtong Ai (City University of Macau), Xiang Wen (City University of Macau), Yang Wu (City University of Macau), Wenna Wang (Guangdong Medical University) 201-208
Cognitive diversity, alertness, and team performance PDF
Zhongju Liao (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), Siying Long (Zhejiang University) 209-220
Effect of interns’ learning willingness on mentors’ knowledge-sharing behavior PDF
Mingyuan Dong (Central China Normal University), Dasong Deng (Wuhan University) 221-232
Mother–child attachment and social withdrawal in urban Chinese children PDF
Bin-Bin Chen (Fudan University), Jonathan Bruce Santo (University of Nebraska at Omaha) 233-246
Personal resources influence job demands, resources, and burnout: A one-year, three-wave longitudinal study PDF
Yansong Wang (Shaanxi Normal University), Jie Huang (Shaanxi Normal University), Xuqun You (Shaanxi Normal University) 247-258
Can implicit attitudes toward other countries be changed? PDF
Xuchen Gao (East China Normal University), Zheng Lu (Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences), Ningjian Liang (East China Normal University) 259-268
The role of parenting behavior in adolescents’ problematic mobile game use PDF
YeiBeech Jang (Ajou University), SeoungHo Ryu (Kangwon National University) 269-282
Effect of product presentation order and purchase quantity on consumers’ additional purchase behavior PDF
Jonghum Kim (Hallym University), Eun-A Park (Daegu University), Hayea Kim (Ewha Womans University) 283-298
Effects of individuals’ motivations on communications in online health forums PDF
Bing Wu (Tongji University), Shan Jiang (University of Arizona), Hsinchun Chen (University of Arizona) 299-312
Conformity behavior during a fire disaster PDF
Qi Duo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Huizhang Shen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Jidi Zhao (East China Normal University), Xiaomin Gong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 313-324
Love for one’s country or oneself: A brand-choice framework in emerging markets PDF
Xiaodong Zhu (Tsinghua University), Chunling Yu (Tsinghua University), Saiquan Hu (Tsinghua University) 325-338
Closing the green gap: The impact of environmental commitment and advertising believability PDF
Yeonshin Kim (Myongji University), Sangdo Oh (Yonsei University), Sukki Yoon (Bryant University), Hwashin Hyun Shin (Queen's University) 339-352