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Volume 43 Issue 7

August 2015


Adaptation of the Marital Offence-Specific Forgiveness Scale for use in a Turkish cultural context PDF
Zülal Erkan (Mersin University) 1057-1070
Effects of employees’ social comparison behaviors on distributive justice perception and job satisfaction PDF
Jiseon Shin (Sungkyunkwan University), Young Woo Sohn (Yonsei University) 1071-1084
Effects of peer consumption on hedonic purchase decisions PDF
Eunsoo Baek (Seoul National Universtiy), Ho Jung Choo (Seoul National University) 1085-1100
Employees’ psychological ownership and self-efficacy as mediators between performance appraisal purpose and proactive behavior PDF
Min Qiu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Bei Hu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Xu Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yucai Li (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 1101-1110
Assessing a Chinese version of the Runco Ideational Behavior Scale PDF
Kuan Chen Tsai (City University of Macau) 1111-1122
Changes in sympathetic tone during cooperative game play PDF
J. Adam Noah (Yale School of Medicine), Yumie Ono (Meiji University), Sotaro Shimda (Meiji University), Atsumichi Tachibana (Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine), Shaw Bronner (Northeastern University) 1123-1134
The impact of family functioning and mental health condition on the child’s behavioral problems PDF
Qian Wang (Capital Medical University), Ting Zhou (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) 1135-1146
Effect of Chinese employees’ emotional creativity on their innovative performance PDF
Guomeng Wang (Hunan Normal University), Huiming Huang (Hunan Normal University), Quanquan Zheng (Zhejiang University) 1147-1160
Mechanisms underlying creative performance: Employee perceptions of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for creativity PDF
Hye Jung Yoon (Cornell University), Sun Young Sung (Nanjing University), Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University) 1161-1180
Effects of flow and self-construal on player perception of brand personality in advergames PDF
Ling Wang (National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences), Chia-Wen Lee (National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences), Timothy K. Mantz (Keiser University), Huang Chia Hung (National Taitung University) 1181-1192
Effects of a ubiquitous mentoring program on self-esteem, school adaptation, and perceived parental attitude PDF
Kyunghee Lee (Keimyung University), Mi Jung Kim (Changwon Moonsung University), Tae Hee Park (Suseong-gu Mental Health Promotion Center), Ivy Lynne Alcazar-Bejerano (Keimyung University) 1193-1208
Sociable people beware? Investigating smartphone versus nonsmartphone dependency symptoms among young Singaporeans PDF
Trisha T. C. Lin (Nanyang Technological University), Yi-Hsuan Chiang (Shih Hsin University), Qiaolei Jiang (Dalian University of Technology) 1209-1216
Roles of creative process engagement and leader–member exchange in critical thinking and employee creativity PDF
Jing Jiang (Tsinghua University), Baiyin Yang (Tsinghua University) 1217-1232