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Volume 43 Issue 5

June 2015


Negative spillover impact of perceptions of organizational politics on work–family conflict in China PDF
Yanhan Zhu (Southwest University), Diwan Li (Southwest University) 705-714
The double-edged sword of task conflict: Its impact on team performance PDF
Hojin Bang (Jeju National University), Jong Gyu Park (The Pennsylvania State University) 715-728
Personalized e-services: Consumer privacy concern and information sharing PDF
Seungsin Lee (Konkuk University), Younghee Lee (Konkuk University), Joing-In Lee (Konkuk University), Jungkun Park (University of Houston) 729-740
The effectiveness of a meaning-centered psychoeducational group intervention for Chinese college students PDF
Mingming Cheng (Shanghai University), Leslie Hasche (University of Denver), Haitao Huang (Shanghai Normal University), Xiqing Susan Su (Hong Kong Baptist University) 741-756
Career plateau and turnover intention in Chinese employees: Career anchor as moderator PDF
Yueran Wen (Renmin University of China), Liu Liu (Renmin University of China) 757-766
Power sharing and task performance: The role of work engagement and traditionality PDF
Shao-Long Li (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Jipeng Qi (Beijing Jiaotong University) 767-776
Integrating certainty effect and noninteractive social influence into impulse buying PDF
Chun-Ling Chuang (Kainan University), Hong-Lin Tian (National Taipei University of Technology), Rong-Ho Lin (National Taipei University of Technology) 777-794
Chinese college students' risk attitude to moving abroad to study PDF
Xiaolan Yang (Zhejiang University) 795-802
The role of causal attributions in sport consumers' emotions and satisfaction judgment PDF
Jun Woo Kim (State University of New York at Brockport), Seung Hoon Jeong (Woosuk University) 803-814
Social facets of knowledge creation: The validation of knowledge assets PDF
Jee Yong Chung (Duksung Women’s University), Woojin Yoon (Hanyang University) 815-828
Trait reactance moderates Facebook users' irritation with brand communication PDF
Eunsun Lee (Hongik University), Yeo Jung Kim (Hongik University), Yon Soo Lim (Hongik University), Mikyoung Kim (Hongik University) 829-844
Money or attention? Sex differences in reactions to social exclusion PDF
Ziwei Wang (Peking University), Ping Tu (Peking University) 845-854
Face attractiveness in building trust: Evidence from measurement of implicit and explicit responses PDF
Na Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mingjie Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yuanyuan Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 855-866
Validation of the Psychological Well-Being Scale for use in Taiwan PDF
Chih-Che Lin (Ming Chuan University) 867-874
Convergent validity assessment of a brief screen for poverty with South African adolescents PDF
Sachet R. Valjee (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Steven J. Collings (University of KwaZulu-Natal) 875-880