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Cover Page

Volume 43 Issue 3

April 2015


Ethical leadership and followers' attitudes toward corporate social responsibility: The role of perceived ethical work climate PDF
Suk Bong Choi (Korea University), S. M. Ebrahim Ullah (Samsung Research and Development Institute Bangladesh Ltd.), Won Jun Kwak (Soongsil University) 353-366
Do personal resources influence health-related quality of life for people receiving hemodialysis treatment in Latin America? PDF
Alfonso Urzúa (Universidad Católica del Norte), Alejandra Caqueo-Urízar (Universidad de Tarapacá), Japsy Margarita Quiceno (Universidad de San Buenaventura Bogotá), Stefano Vinaccia Alpi (Universidad Santo Tomás), Nicole Pavlov (Universidad Católica del Norte) 367-382
Is it helpful for individuals with minor depression to keep smiling? An event-related potentials analysis PDF
Wenyi Lin (East China Normal University), Jing Hu (East China Normal University), Yanfei Gong (East China Normal University) 383-396
Use of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory with children and adolescents in China: Issues with reaction times PDF
Yang Cao (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zheng-kui Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 397-410
Work values and career adaptability of Chinese university students PDF
Lihui Ye (Huaqiao University) 411-422
Knowledge heterogeneity and team knowledge sharing as moderated by internal social capital PDF
Daoyou Wu (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics), Zhongju Liao (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), Juanlan Dai (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University) 423-436
Structure and mechanism of organizational interpersonal harmony in Chinese business PDF
Chih-Chung Chen (Jinan University) 437-448
Characteristics of social categorization based on variations in gender and age PDF
Pei Wang (Shanghai Normal University), Qin Zhang (Shanghai Normal University), Yan-Hong Zhang (Shanghai Normal University) 449-456
The effect of intangibility on the perceived risk of online mass customization: Utilitarian and hedonic perspectives PDF
Heekang Moon (Pai Chai University), Hyun-Hwa Lee (Inha University) 457-466
Coming out as gay: A phenomenological study about adolescents disclosing their homosexuality to their parents PDF
Renée Perrin-Wallqvist (Karlstad University), Josephine Lindblom (Karlstad University) 467-480
Centralization and communication opportunities as predictors of acquiescent or prosocial silence PDF
Alisher Tohirovich Dedahanov (Yeungnam University), Choonghyun Kim (Yeungnam University), Jaehoon Rhee (Yeungnam University) 481-492
Impact of gratitude on resource development and emotional well-being PDF
Chih-Che Lin (Ming Chuan University) 493-504
From anger to attribution: Could attention be a bridge? PDF
Xiaofan Peng (Southwest University), Maoyang Zhang (Chongqing Normal University), Dajun Zhang (Southwest University), Deguang Xie (Chongqing Technology and Business Institute), Yusheng Guan (Southwest University) 505-518
Implicit and explicit self-esteem: The moderating effect of individualism PDF
Quanlei Yu (Beijing Normal University and Shanxi Normal University), Jianwen Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Chongqing Normal University), Qiuying Zhang (University of Miami), Shenghua Jin (Beijing Normal University) 519-528