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Volume 42 Issue 9

October 2014


Impact of the content characteristics of short message service advertising on consumer attitudes PDF
Hongyan Lin (Xiamen University of Technology), Xing Zhou (Xiamen University), Zhankui Chen (Xiamen University of Technology) 1409-1420
Stability in temperament and emotional expression in 1- to 3-year-old children PDF
Marta Losonczy-Marshall (Salisbury University) 1421-1430
The effects of human resource attributions on employee outcomes during organizational change PDF
Dusheng Chen (Zhejiang University), Zhongming Wang (Zhejiang University) 1431-1444
Punishment as a mechanism to maintain bilateral cooperation: A social behavior experiment PDF
Yuling Liao (Central South University and Hunan University of Finance and Economics), Kairong Hong (Central South University), Liang Zhang (Central South University) 1445-1456
Newcomers' future work selves, perceived supervisor support, and proactive socialization in Chinese organizations PDF
Yanhong Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Jianqiao Liao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yanling Yan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yun Guo (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 1457-1472
Big Five personality traits and willingness to communicate among foreign language learners in Turkey PDF
Huseyin Oz (Hacettepe University) 1473-1482
Moderating effect of institutional responsiveness on the relationship between green leadership and green competitiveness PDF
Meng-Hsiu Lee (National Sun Yat-sen University), Chuan Lin (Nankai University), Chih-Kuo Lin (National Sun Yat-sen University), Wan-Ying Lu (National Sun Yat-sen University) 1483-1494
Do highly sensitive persons experience more nonordinary states of consciousness during sensory isolation? PDF
Kristoffer Jonsson (Karlstad University), Katarina Grim (Karlstad University), Anette Kjellgren (Karlstad University) 1495-1506
The benefits of repeated collaboration for team performance in a Chinese context PDF
Jing Long (Nanjing University), Zhimei Zang (Nanjing University), Chuanming Chen (Nanjing University) 1507-1520
Different interactional injustice, different organizational remedy? Evidence from China PDF
Yanhan Zhu (Southwest University), Yan Kou (Southwest Jiaotong University) 1521-1536
The effects of positive affect, person-job fit, and well-being on job performance PDF
Yi-Chang Lin (National Taiwan Normal University), Chien Yu (National Taiwan Normal University), Chin-Cheh Yi (National Taiwan Normal University) 1537-1548
Does doctors' perception of hospital leadership style and organizational culture influence their organizational commitment? PDF
Beste Gokce (Istanbul Aydin University and Istanbul Kultur University), Salih Guney (Istanbul Aydin University), Alev Katrinli (Istanbul Aydin University) 1549-1562
Internet use of consumers aged 40 and over: Factors that influence full adoption PDF
Euehun Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Semi Han (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Yanghon Chung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 1563-1574
Self or other: Compatibility between emotion and message referent PDF
Yuanyuan Cai (Shanghai University), Li Pan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Jiaxun He (East China Normal University) 1575-1584